Body Jackets

There is an enormous choice of little jackets for our beautiful Lhasa Apso’s and of course, only the best will do for your beautiful Lhasa Apso. When the winter weather starts to arrive our little Lhasa Apso’s can feel the cold so what more than to buy them a nice warm jacket to keep out those freezing winter winds. You can look at the choices that are available and check out the latest prices here on AMAZON you will be able to keep those freezing temperatures at bay.


                  Body Jacket


When taking your pet for a walk you need to be assured that while they are on their leash they will be comfortable. Personally, I do not like the idea of a collar that just goes around Lucky’s neck. Thinking of Lucky pulling maybe after a cat or a nice smelly tree, causing pain to himself.  I prefer to use a body harness so when I need to restrain him I will not be pulling on his neck. This model put a smile on my face!! would be ideal for your female Lhasa. But I cant see Lucky wearing one in that color!! He has a macho military style harness -:)

There are many harnesses to select from. One similar to the one I use you can see and check out all the latest prices here on AMAZON
           Luckys military Harness

Collars and Leashes

Collars come in all sorts of styles, colors and materials, ranging from nice soft material too hard steel chain collars, choosing one that coordinates with your pets coat colors can become a nightmare. Let’s take a look at these accessories that are also security items. A collar can be used solely for keeping you phone number attached or printed on the collar, not using a leash so as not to pull their necks. To help you make your choice I have found these models on Amazon.



           Beautiful Collar                           

Dresses and Dinner Jackets

Ladies, don’t you feel so nice when you have you are wearing your best dress?  Yes, and the men comment on how beautiful you look. What a lovely sensation it gives you.  Putting a dress on your female Lhasa to make her look better than the rest is something more and more owners are doing these days. The selection here on Amazon is basic and affordable for all, if you have the idea to purchase some dress wear then this could be the best place to start.

For our macho Lhasa’s then a nice tuxedo will make them stand out when you go downtown to a restaurant. The class when your boy struts his stuff walking beside you will definitely turn heads. Searching on Amazon I came across these tuxedos that will make your man look the top dog.



With the sun beating down the UV rays can damage our eyes, we protect ours with sunglasses. It is now possible to purchase eye protection in the form of sunglasses for your dog. I have tried them on Lucky but he does not like them and shakes them off. As they cost next to nothing you might like to try some on your Lhasa. To help you I found this pair on Amazon that should look cool on a hot summer’s day. Not only cool but they are recommended by vets, fabricated in a soft padded flexible rubber frame. The point I like about these is the double straps, elastic head and chin straps that maintain the sunglasses in place. The tinted shatterproof lenses give 100% UV protection.

     Wearing Sunglasses

Boots For Your Lhasa

With winter comes the snow, ice, and chemicals that are used to clean the sidewalks and roads. When you go to a winter resort you need to protect your Lhasa Apsos tiny paws with some winter boots. It might take some time for them to adapt to winter boots but it is for their well being so I say persevere.  Check out snow boots that meet the conditions you will be encountering with your Lhasa Apso when you go off to the slopes. You can see the more recent models and check the latest prices here on Amazon.
Lucky in His Snow Boots


As time goes by, you are going to amass a lot of fashion articles and accessories for your Lhasa Apso.  Trying to keep all this organized and at hand, can be made easier by having a pet wardrobe. If you find one that has one or two drawers even better, to stock all your brushes and combs, collars and leashes. above the drawers, there will be a rail to hang your dog’s jackets, dresses, tutus, or whatever.

Looking around on the internet I have come across a few models, Lhasa Apso is a small dog then you might even think of buying a doll’s wardrobe,  pink ones of course for a girly Lhasa’s and I’m sure somewhere you’ll find blue ones for our macho Lhasa’s.

Here is a nice doll’s house that will store all the accessories for your baby, you can check out all the latest prices on Amazon here.

Alternatively, if you are a handy person or do-it-yourself type of person you will find on the Internet plans and drawings that will help you build your own pet’s wardrobe. This is not only cost-effective but will give you enormous satisfaction when you see your personalized pet’s wardrobe made by yourself.

We as Lhasa owners love our dogs so much. They are part of our lives, part of our family. We take them out everywhere with us, (thankfully they are small) downtown shopping, restaurants, holidays and don’t we love to show them off.

Our Lhasa Apsos are a reflection of ourselves when we dress in fashionable clothes we enjoy the looks from passers-by. In the same way, as we dress our dogs in fashionable clothes we are becoming one with our pet, enjoying the looks people are giving to us both.

The clothes that you dress your Lhasa Apso in, will be a mirror of your status. In doing so you are creating an even stronger bond together.  has your Lhasa Apso brings so much joy and happiness to you it’s only natural that you would like to return the pleasure they have given you by dressing them up in some fashion clothing.