The task of keeping my pets claws in good shape myself has always been worrying personally. I was always a little scared of doing it, the fear of over trimming them was always on the back of my mind. Too close to the qiuck and it can cause the claw to bleed for a while, much the same as if you cut your own nails too short. Now that my vet has showed me the correct procedure on how to do this task I am more reassured in doing this myself on Lucky’s claws. I now have a pair of claw cutters in the toolbox. Similar ones that I use you can check out the latest prices here on AMAZON, they are now a part of my Lucky’s beauty treatment that I can do myself.

If you hesitate in doing this job then I would strongly advise you to talk to your vet and watch the many videos on the internet. You will become more at ease, just as I did, it really is nothing to be afraid of doing.

This work is best performed with your dog laying on their side. You might need to ask for an assistant to help hold your Lhasa while doing the trimming, you will need two hands to carry out an effective clean manicure, you can see other types by checking out on the products for your dog menu above.