To keep your Lhasa Apso’s hair in top condition you will need to brush them daily, especialy if you have a show dog or you keep their hair long. Lhasa Apsos do need a significant amount of time in grooming but the results are beautiful. I have several brushes and combs in Lucky’s grooming box. You will need to have a selection of different brushes and combs. To help you make your choice I have not just selected one, by using the link on this page you will be able to find the best brushes and combs for your Lhasa Apso. There are a large choice available and I suggest you check out the latest prices here on AMAZON today to make your own selection. I also sujest you take a look at the My Lhasa Apso YouTube channel here where I explain my methods of brushing Lucky. Happy grooming.
Shedding Comb