When your dogs barking becomes incessant or creates a problem with your neighbors what can you do? Well, this little device can help solve the problem. Only use them when it is absolutely needed.
I control this over-eager barking with a dog barking training collar. A small collar with a device fixed to it.

They wear this around their neck just like a normal collar, this special training collar gives off a tiny electric discharge to train them not to bark,

The one that I use occasionally is this one, check the latest price of it here on AMAZON It has a learning programme installed into its software and as your pet gets used to it and stops barking it then actually reduces the correction, so you know it is not going to keep on buzzing your dog all day. It can be reprogramed to start at the beginning if you need to use this training collar on another dog.

With an adjustable collar, it suits small dogs perfectly, once your Lhasa is wearing this collar do make sure it is not overtight, having said that the two probes must be touching the skin to be effective. Some of the features of this collar are listed below

  • 10 LEVELS OF PROGRESSIVE STATIC CORRECTION – customize to your pet to eliminate or reduce excessive barking
  • PERFECT BARK DETECTION – patented system prevents false corrections from other noises including another dog barking
  • AUTOMATIC SAFETY SHUT-OFF – will stop correction after 80 seconds
  • WATERPROOF COLLAR – for all of your dog’s outdoor activities
  • FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM DOGS – fits dogs from 8 to 55 lb with neck sizes up to 22″
  • Uses PetSafe RFA-188 battery (included)