Puppy Proof Your Home, 20 Tips To Save You Tears


20 Tips

  1. Keep rubbish bags out of their reach
  2. Protect them from electrical cables
  3. Keep Chemicals locked away
  4. Do not leave plastic bags lying around
  5. Don’t allow them to climb on the furniture
  6. Do let them have their zone
  7. Start teaching early
  8. Verify none of your house plants are poisonous
  9. Do not leave doors or windows open
  10. Secure the outside pool
  11. Clean up their feces
  12. Never leave them unattended
  13. Have an area with fencing
  14. Keep the lawn short
  15. Protect them from overheating
  16. Close the toilet lid always
  17. Screen off fires and stoves
  18. Place your soiled clothes in a linen basket
  19. Protect your furniture
  20. Beware of cat litter trays

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The Happy Day

At last, you have your Lhasa Apso puppy at home. That happy day you have been waiting for so long has arrived. After all the fun of buying toys, collars, a comfy bed and of course choosing a name is over, you must now get to the serious part of owning another living being. You have taken on a big responsibility, your puppy is no longer under his mother’s care, you are, in their eyes, their parent. You will need to look after them just as human parents look after their children. They are so cute to watch as they scamper around your home. But just as children can get seriously hurt in our homes and garden the same is true for your puppy. Below I have listed some examples that you must take seriously to protect and teach your puppy as they grow.

Rubbish / Trash Bags

Just as the title says it’s rubbish, leftover meal scraps, old food wrappings, toothpicks, soda cans, sharp things that may be inside your trash bags. All potential danger/health problems. Remember the old saying, curiosity killed the cat, well your puppy is going to be just the same, they are curious too. In their new world, so much to see and new odors everywhere, trash bags smell so good to a puppy, they are going to explore the contents of this strange object.

Vigilance on your part should be the priority. Never leave your puppy any form of access to the trash area. Secure your bags inside appropriate containers inside and outside the home. Reduce the risk of them eating something which could be poisonous to them or injuring themselves on some sharp object. Nice stainless steel bins for kitchens that blend in with any style of decoration can be sourced on Amazon, I have already saved you time by finding this particular model which resembles mine, with the current price and availability on Amazon.

If your rubbish is collected once a week, even less in some countries, then your trash needs to be kept securely out of your puppy’s inquisitive eyes and nose. Leaving your trash lying around is only asking for trouble, outside trash bins can, of course, be less glamourous, Amazon has many on offer and this one would keep your Lhasa safe and out of harm.

Electric Cables and Cords

In today’s hi-tech world we have so many appliances that need a constant power source. This power nearly always comes from the home electrical circuit. We may have some cords running across the floor exposed to the world. Before you brought home your puppy this was not a concern or a safety issue.

Now that “Scamp” or whatever their name might be has arrived into your home these cables now become a big issue for their safety. Puppies and cords are not a good combination to have, so try and keep all cords that have to run across the floor close to the wall, try and fix them to make it difficult to chew.

With their puppy teeth, they can chew through a cord in seconds exposing themselves to the danger of electrocution. To them it’s not running 110/240volts, it’s just a new thing that needs exploring. It is possible to gather the cords together and wrap them in a spiral cord wrap. These are excellent and not only will they help protect your puppy from chewing the cords they also tidy up the unsightly mess of many cords lying around the home. Amazon has a cool one especially for pet dogs, you can check the availability and today’s price’s here

Keep Chemicals Locked Away

As a parent of two young children, I was always worried that they would drink or eat something dangerous. We kept the house clean using many different products that were a danger if not handled correctly. So all these were put away, out of sight, with child locks on the doors to prevent them from having access to them.

Young puppies are no different to young children, the best advice is to keep everything locked away, where they will not be tempted to have a little chew at something new. They are not going to need childproof locks on the doors where the chemicals are kept but don’t tempt them by forgetting to close the doors, it can be easily done.

Do Not Leave Plastic Bags Lying Around

Fortunately, plastic is becoming banned in many countries now. There are still dangers though that you must be aware of concerning these bags. The most important is suffocation. Your little bundle of joy is going to be playing and running around so much, exploring the new environment.

Although most plastic bags now have holes to eliminate the risks of suffocation many are still made without these holes, posing an enormous threat to your puppy.

Another life-threatening issue with plastic can be the ingestion of plastic bags. The possibility that a bag was containing some nice smelly food is very likely. Your pup is going to get right into eating the bag and choking. Dispose of all the plastic into selective containers. In this way saving the planet and wildlife from more suffering.

Do Not Allow Them To Climb On The Furniture

Advice some dog trainers will tell you is never let your puppy start to climb on the furniture. They are trying to make themselves as big or bigger than you, trying to dominate you. In one way yes I agree, but we do love our little pups so much it’s nice to have a cuddle with them.

My own Lhasa “Lucky” who has been with us for seventeen years, he has always been allowed onto the sofa/couch. He has never chewed at anything, it is a moment when he lays beside us before going to bed. Oh and here is another big no-no we are guilty of. “Lucky” sleeps at the foot of our bed. He seems so comfortable there, even though I have kicked him off a few times by accident as I roll over in my sleep. To be awakened by a thud as he hits the floor.

If you can prevent them from climbing on the furniture and this is your choice, you must train them to not climb, reward after each command has been obeyed. But I think like us you will be soft in your heart.

Lucky Resting on the Sofa

Do Let Them Have Their Zone

Allowing your Lhasa puppy to have an area just for them is advisable. This is where you could place their crate and bed, all their toys and food bowls. If possible find somewhere that is less frequented by humans, a place where they can rest up and chill out after playing.

Every time your dog goes to this area to investigate it, give them a reward, some praising words, or a treat so they know what they are doing you approve of. They will become happy to go there knowing a treat is coming.

Remember, if you have young children, they understand that they must not go there, it’s just for the puppy. Today’s Amazon prices on dog crates can be found here, this model will blend into any home anywhere. They are ideal if you wish to teach your puppy from an early age to have their own place

Start Teaching Early

I use the example of my own Lhasa “Lucky” who arrived at the age of eighteen months by chance. He was abandoned and decided to take up home with us. He was not trained to obey any commands, although he always went outside when he needed to go to the toilet.

I started with basic commands of sit, stay, come, NO, good boy, every time rewarding him. they are intelligent and like to obey you. Its a Lhasa quality to please their masters. My daughter then started to teach him more complex tricks that he would perform with happiness.

Teaching your puppy earlier than we did with Lucky is highly recommended. Not only will you have a Lhasa that obeys you sooner, there will be personal satisfaction as well when you show your friends how clever your puppy is. To help your training here is a link to one of my other posts all about training your Lhasa Apso.

Verify None of Your House Plants Are Poisonous

Mother Nature is very good at providing us with plenty of good things to eat. On the downside though there are plants that can make us very sick, or even kill us. We, humans, have the knowledge and stay away from plants harmful for human consumption.

Now our four-legged little Lhasa’s, although smart does not have the same knowledge as humans and sometimes their curiosity gets the better of them, they might take a nibble on a toxic plant. Listed below are some of the more common house plants that are poisonous for our Lhasa’s.

  1. Peace Lillie
  2. Poison Ivy
  3. Jade
  4. Aloe Vera
  5. Pothos / Devils Ivy
  6. Elephant Ear
  7. Dumb Cane
  8. Snowbread
  9. ZZ Plant
  10. Asparagus Fern

Although not exhaustive these are the most popular houseplants. I would need a post just for them. Do check your plants for non-toxicity for your dog.

Do Not Leave Doors or Windows Open

For reasons of house security you never go downtown and leave the windows or doors open. Burglars will be inside in a blinking of your eye. Taking possessions that you have worked hard for, even your Lhasa. Lhasa’s sell for a good amount, if you have a Show / Concours Lhasa they can change hands for thousands. A lucrative market for some bad people.

The Lhasa Apso is a very alert sentinel, they will allways be listening/looking then barking at any strange noises outside. Open windows and doors will give them the opportunity to run/jump outside to chase that cat or another dog. The added risk of jumping out of the window includes the fall and hitting the ground, this could be fatal, if not it may cause serious injury to such a small dog.

Secure The Outside Pool

France has a law in which all pools must be made secure to prevent any child falling in and drowning, sadly there are too many deaths here. This security can be an alarm or better still a barrier that is childproof.

With Lhasa’s that are so energetic and chasing around so much I strongly advise you, to secure your pool with a dog-proof barrier. They take time to install/implant around the pool but you will have peace of mind whilst you let your dog outside alone.

Do take into account that although small they can jump. So a barrier to prevent jumping over and into the pool will be required and can be purchased in specialized stores. I like this pool barrier on Amazon. Check out the price they are selling for today, and make sure your Lhasa stays dry. It has a mesh you can see through, stainless steel posts that simply drop into the predrilled holes you have made around the pool that follows your pool design. One of its good points is that it can be removed easily and stored away if needed. Check out the price they are selling for today, and make sure your Lhasa stays dry.

Clean Up Their Feces

Unsightly and unhealthy to leave lying in the yard, dog feces contain a multitude of germs and bacteria. There is also the risk of someone treading in one and bringing it into the home. A startling fact about dog poo, in only one gram there can be up to 23 million bacteria, YUK.

These bacteria can be transmitted into your home by wind, insects, especially flys, critters which I personally hate, I see flies on many disgusting things in the countryside, they enter my home ahh. I find them repugnant knowing they have been on feces of all types of animals.

If left on the lawn, nature will, with the help of rain reduce feces to nothing. But, check this out, bacteria can live in your garden soil for over year

Picking up poop is not one of the best tasks in life, to help make this chore easier I searched the internet to see what equipment was available and make the job easier. Of course, there are the ordinary little shovels and pinchers, but I found this high tech pooper scooper on Amazon that even puts the poop into a bag with a press of a button.

Never Leave Them Unattended

This is for their security. Outside other dogs in the neighborhood might be lurking and fight with your puppy. They could run off and get lost, hit by passing cars, worse still, stolen.

Inside the home, there are dangers that may cause problems including stairways, a fall from the top will cause serious injury to a puppy, poisonous plants, electric cables, unfinished food bowls, your chocolate. There are many other reasons why you should keep a close eye on your puppy.

To be able to relax many owners opt for a crate so their puppy is safe and cannot do any harm to themselves or the home. Lucky my Lhasa has never been in a crate but if you feel this would be an option for you and your puppy I did some digging on Amazon and found this dog crate that will allow some calm time for both of you. It is also a very nice piece of furniture that will not look out of place in any home.

Have an Area with Fencing

An area outside that is fenced in gives your puppy the chance to run around while you relax. You will have peace of mind knowing they are safe, are not going to eat anything unhealthy. They too will feel secure in their own area which aids their growing up.

Fenced areas can also be used in the training period, allowing some freedom for your puppy whilst you’re training them. One important factor though is don’t let them do their toilet inside this area. As they might associate the fenced area is for the toilet, then they will not go anywhere else.

Keep the Lawn Short

A couple of reasons here as to why keep the lawn short. Our Lhasa’s are, in the leg department a little short, thus allowing their body to sweep along the ground, and long grass in the morning can have dew/moisture from the irrigation system or rain. Into the home, they come full of life, full of wet dirty hair.

Having the lawn short helps in locating their poop stools, aiding in the removal. Female dog urine will burn the grass, so when you observe brown circles on the lawn this can be the reason. Lawn repair is also easier on a nicely kept lawn.

Protect Them From Overheating

As your puppy grows so will their hair, if you decide to keep them with the teddy bear cut them overheating is reduced. Adversely having long flowing hair is going to increase body temperatures in the hotter times of the year.

Proper grooming will help temperature control as this reduces the build-up of the undercoat matting. I do use different combs and brushes for Lucky. You can see which combs and brushes I use in this video here.

Learn to groom your puppy at an early age. You and your puppy will enjoy the time you spend together helping to build a solid relationship. I have a post on how to grown your Lhasa Apso here to give some advice.

Close the Toilet Lid Always

My wife is always telling me to close the toilet lid, you male readers out there I’m sure to have the same instructions. Well, ladies, to protect our little puppies from falling in and drowning everybody must remember to close the lid. Dogs like new smells and puppies are no exception.

Screen off Fires and Stoves

Security should be top of your list when owning a puppy, and one of the top security issues should be protecting them from any extream heat source. This will include the open fire and the stove.

Placing a fire screen in front of the fire will prevent any puppy from wandering too close. Fire screens are good for restricting any chance of sparks or debris falling from the fire and landing on your sleeping puppy by your feet.

Place Your Soiled Clothes in a Linen Basket

Dogs have a very acute sense of smell. When your dog smells you, they feel secure, being in your presence is reassuring to them especially if yours is still a puppy. So why place your soiled clothes in the linen basket?

Your Lhasa is just going to love finding your clothes lying on the bathroom or bedroom floor. They have found their masters odor and will start to chew on them. By the time they have finished your clothes will be just a pile of shredded rags. This is normal behavior for dogs. Keep reading to find out why.

Being up to 100,000 times better than our nasal orifice, dogs actually live by their sense of smell. My own Lhasa Lucky who is blind, still finds his way around the grounds without getting lost. By using his memory of smells he has remembered.

Underwear is an article of clothing that our dog does not get to smell on a daily basis. Just as all dogs have their own scent, we also have a personal scent and your puppy is going to find that in your underwear.

Underwear uses elastic, if your puppy gets chewing on them they stand a big chance of choking. Accidents happen and if you find your clothes shredded do not scold your puppy, unless you actually catch them in the act. It serves absolutely nothing to show your dog their error 2 hours later when you come home. Dogs do not have a long memory span and will wonder “what have I done?”

Protect your Furniture

Lhasa Apso’s do have a particular habit of scratching when on furniture. Lucky my dog will spend what seems to me ages trying to dig a hole in the couch or his bed. Many folks say never let your dog up onto the couch or your bed, but they are so cute I can’t help it.

Another Lhasa problem is they often bring up a yellow sick. This is not a sign they are ill, it nearly always results when they are hungry. Have a throw cover that is easy to wash on the couch just in case this happens.

Beware of Cat Litter Trays

Do you have cats as well as a Lhasa? If so then do be careful that your puppy does not get into it and start digging around with all those new smells in there. It could make your Lhasa sick.

Cat litter is made with chemicals that absorb the urine and kill the smell of the cat’s urine. Your puppy is in his new world now and will explore everything including the cat tray.

Being an absorbent, cat litter, if your puppy has ingested it runs the risk of becoming dehydrated or worse an obstruction inside the intestines.

Another issue that is worrying is the high chance that your puppy will eat the cat poop, doing so runs the risk that they could get hookworms, roundworms, whipworms.


Becoming the owner of a Lhasa Apso is a rewarding moment but there are many things that can be a danger to them around the home. Maintaining them in good health, stopping them from getting hurt, you must be on your guard all day every day. I do hope my post has given you some insight into how to Puppy Proof Your Home, with the 20 Tips To Save You Tears Enjoy your puppy to the max.

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