How to be a Lhasa Apsos Best Friend

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There are certain action’s that you can perform with your dog that will create a trusting relationship between you. We all want to be our dogs best friend, continue reading to find out how you can become your dogs best friend.

We all know the saying, a dog is a mans best friend. But how do you become your dogs best friend? To win that coveted place in your dog’s heart you will need to accomplish a number of actions to gain your dog’s confidence. Once your pet has that certainty about your love for him you will become his best friend, forever!

Your dog wants you to be his best friend, let us not waste any more time. Follow the ten steps below to start that best friend relationship with your dog right now.

  1.  Establish your role as his leader
  2. Become the same size as your dog
  3. Spend time walking together
  4. Take time to play together
  5. Always encourage with praise
  6. Show your love to them with cuddles and kisses
  7. Talk to your dog
  8. Respect your dog
  9. Do dogs need personal space?
  10. Share your food with your dog

Establish your role as his leader

To become the leader for your dog you will need to assert your authority, this starts as soon as you take home your pet from the pet shop. A young pup needs to be taught just like young children need to be trained in life. The later getting this primary training from their parent’s and this continues as they go to school learning over the years to become leaders in their own right as adults. These early days with your puppy, teaching them basic commands, with a reward after is the first building block in the construction of your leadership.

Your Lhasa Apso is a natural pack animal, possibly originating from wolves many hundreds of thousands of years ago (there are some conflicting ideas to this claim) Bearing this in mind you need to know that their natural instinct of being a pack animal requires a group leader. Wolves always have a leader of the pack even today that is dominant. The dominant wolf controlling their group as their leader that all the other wolves look towards and respect.

During this early period, your Lhasa Apso is going to start to look towards you with a sentiment of being under your control and that you are now becoming their leader. Be assertive in your commands but never become angry as your dog will pick up on your tone of voice and this will scare them off you, and all the work performed beforehand is put into jeopardy.

Become the same size as your dog

Wouldn’t it be great if we could become their size, like in the film ”Honey I shrunk the kids” but that might be a bit scary too! At the moment the only possible way to become the same size as your dog is to get down on the floor! For your little Lhasa Apso who is only a few inches off the ground, you look like an enormous mountain.

Bringing your eye level down to theirs is the perfect way to resize yourself to them, and start to become your dog’s best friend. Laying down on the floor is the goal and having physical contact is a great way to become even closer to your best friend and you will be forging that union even stronger.

Spend time walking together

As each new year comes along maybe you make a promise to yourself, to do more sport, to care for our figure, to get out more, to go walking in the park somewhere. In your quest to become your dogs best friend what could be a better way for both of you to go out for a long walk. Aside from the physical benefits to you, your pet Lhasa Apso will find new area’s and smells to occupy his neurons. Do be careful at the start that you keep the distance short, then you should slowly increase this over the weeks ahead.

If your pet Lhasa is still a puppy then this is vitally important as their joints are still growing and it could damage their hips in some case’s if the walk is too long. Finally, when you arrive home the pair of you will be full of fresh air, you will have done your new year’ resolution exercise, 🙂 and you have spent invaluable time together with your dog who will remember this moment with their leader.
Walking together

Take time to play together

One of the best ways to build your friendship with your dog is to play together. Many doggy games come to mind and the most popular is the fetch game. Where you as leader throw a stick or ball for your Lhasa to retrieve, a great game if your dog is cooperative! Lucky has got this game all wrong because when we play fetch he does the opposite, yep he gets the stick or ball I have thrown for him, and then what? he has confused ”bring” to ”run off” he disappears with a ball like this one in his mouth. Then we have to convert the fetch game into the ”’I am coming to get you” game, whereby I have to chase him all around to catch him.

I often fall onto the grass (exhausted) next to his head and try and retrieve the ball. But at the same time as playing, I am also getting down to his size, two exercise’s in one to build our friendship stronger. Another good game to play could be on the theme of hide and seek, you tell your pet to stay, one of the early orders they have learned, and you go off and hide, not too far as you are going to have to call them to come and seek you out, you will be surprised how quickly that he will find you.

As you spend more time together you will get to know what your dog enjoys doing best, swimming in the lake, going for walks, riding in the car, chasing after a ball, use these favorite dog pastimes to have fun together.

Always encourage with praise. How nice it is for us to receive praise from our hierarchy for a job well done. We may have been given a task to perform at work and have executed it to our best ability, us humans need to receive gratification from our superiors. We have an inner feeling that we have accomplished what was set before us. To keep building that friendship bond with our dogs we need to praise them as well. As they become house trained you should give praise to them, when playing together, learning new tricks, everything our dogs do that we wanted them to perform, and was executed correctly then we must praise them and shower them with lots of cuddles. Your pet is going to associate these special times with orders given by the leader and has performed them as you wished. your dog will continue to build with you this friendship together.
Playing Ball together

Show your love to them with cuddles and kisses

We all like to be loved, to be held in someone’s arms with that sense of protection, to receive a tender kiss, the intimate moment when we embrace, we feel wanted and part of another person’s life, it makes us radiant and joyful. Your Lhasa Apso wants that same attention from you. Cuddles can be during play time, Lucky and I roll around on the lawn when we are playing ball and always end up have a moment cuddling together. I tell him he’s the best dog in the world, then we jump up and continue our fun.

Cuddles can take place anywhere anytime, so look for those moments when you can get your dog in your arms, in the evening in front of the fire in the rocking chair, out for a walk? then pick them up for a cuddle, after their bathtime in a towel, and the Lhasa Apso is such a lovely little bundle to hold in your arms.

Some people will think the idea that kissing a dog is disgusting, you are here reading this blog so I know you do not think this way. I do not mean kissing your pet on their lips, that is unhygienic as dogs mouths are full of germs and some are dangerous for humans, you can kiss on their head, ears, or the top of the nose below the eyes. These are the areas where your dog can not lick, and not spread oral bacteria. I do not mean the sort of kiss we humans do, but just a small peck of a kiss, and at the same time saying how much you love them, all this time you are building together that bonding friendship. When you observe your dog is scared, it could come from a loud sound, a car backfiring, fireworks, you see him cowering or shaking next to you, lift him up in your arms and comfort him with a big cuddle to reassure him.
Cuddles and kisses for Lucky

Talk to your dog

I do not know how much you talk to your dog, I am always chatting to Lucky,  I talk about everyday things, what my working day was like, the weather, I really communicate with him as if he is human, Lucky is a bilingual dog, my wife talks to him in French, so he is a smart Lhasa Apso, 🙂 but, does he care really about my day on the grounds? No, I do not think he even gives a dam in what I am talking about, what he is more interested in is the moment where I spend time talking to him, he hears my voice in a soft tone, I am devoting that few minutes with him, that is all that he care’s about, and my dog learns from this, that I love him, and it shows in the attention he gives back to me.

There are many ways we can talk to our pet dog and depending on your tone of voice he will learn if you are pleased or not with him. Let us start with the command voice. Here your voice will be assertive and strong, for example when you are training your dog, not too loud though. Do not forget when using this commanding voice that you call your dogs name first, or he might think you are talking to the neighbors!

Then the use of a correction voice will be used to help resolve an error they have done, use a lower tone here, with a sharper and displeasing note to let them know they have done wrong and their leader is unhappy. A praising voice is what they love to hear, this is the voice that shows we are happy with them and what they have learned if in training. When we arrive home after leaving them for a while we greet them in this voice if the house has not been wrecked, if it has been trashed then what voice will you use?

Dog’s cannot communicate verbally with us, but they can talk with the actions that follow one of your voice commands. Out on a walk and your dog finds a lovely smelling tree and just wants to sniff it out, that seems like ages to you, using your command voice you say come, and he stays put sniffing to his hearts content, he’s not coming and his action is saying No, hang on a moment there’s more to smell here. Keep your eyes open and look for the signs when your dog is communicating to you. 

Respect your dog

When respect flows between you and your dog, you are both happy. How can you show that respect to your pet dog, let’s go back in time when your Lhasa Apso was a puppy and you were training him, did your commands fall on blocked ears and were ignored? your Lhasa ignored you or just had not learned that lesson yet, how did you handle that situation? Did you lose your cool? Did you shout? Respect is staying calm when your dog is learning and is still getting it wrong. He is trying his best but we need to be patient.

You know how embarrassing it is when your Lhasa Apso decides to go sniff the butt of another dog. To him it’s natural, but to us, it’s a no no. Do you let him continue or do you shout at him to stop? Respect his natural instincts. I do let Lucky sleep at my feet on the bed, when he comes to sleep he will always dig around in the bedding, this is a dog’s instinct to make his bed that stems from nature. It can be annoying but you must let him do it, respect.

Before Lucky decides to sleep he has his wash time, and it can go on for a while too! That disgusting slurping noise as he cleans up his private areas, when will he ever stop, but I let him get on with it knowing he will finish soon, he is a dog and does what comes naturally for a dog to do, we must respect this, not letting him be a dog will be disorientating.

Ah when you are in a deep sleep and dreaming of your next holiday, you do not want to be woken up! As your Lhasa is snoozing at your feet and dreaming of chasing his ball do not go trying to wake him for your pleasure, just for a cuddle, he might be at the point of catching that ball in his dreams. Respect his sleep time, the same goes when he is eating, just leave him alone in his space, do not try and touch him when eating. A final point here is that you chose him to be part of your family, he did not choose you! (ok Lucky chose me) include him in as much as possible with the family and talk to him, and both your lives will be enriched.

Do dogs need personal space?

Yes, they do need their own space. A space they can associate as their area where they can sleep, hide, play, run, it will be just for them. Your Lhasa Apso is a natural guard dog and your home he is going to guard. If you have space, creating an area in the home just for him would be ideal, with his bed and toys like this to play with he will feel secure, but for most of us that’s not a viable proposition and our pet has to live with us. Maybe you have a small yard for them, please make this secure so he cannot escape, there are special underground fences that could be installed, check there latest prices out on Amazon, that will help to prevent him escaping.

Living in hot climates is not soo good for your Lhasa, that long coat and hot summers do not go together, one thing Lucky loves to do is to lay down under my bed, where it is so much cooler on the tiled floor. Special cooler mats to keep your baby cool in the summer heat are here on Amazon why not check out the latest prices. That is his space, clean away an area under your bed, he will often use that space to just go and chill out for an hour.  Young dogs and dogs that are timid will love to go there and hide from us. Another idea that comes to mind if you have a space under the stairs you could turn that into a doggies private space.

Share your food with your dog

Ah those beautiful Lhasa Apso eyes looking up to you as you sit down at the table, don’t they just make you give in and give something from your plate. Ok, all the experts say this should not be done. I admit I do succumb to Lucky but not too much! I use the excuse I’m building our relationship more 🙂 If like me you do lose the battle then be aware of what you can and not give to your pet, certain foods are very toxic for their health and should never be given.

Here is a list of some foods you can share together

  • Apples, minus the core (the pips are toxic)
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Green Beans
  • Lean Meats
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pumpkin (Lucky loves these)
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Tuna
  • Yogurt
Sharing a bone together

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