Lhasa Apso Insurance. Is It Necessary


My Lucky once swallowed a large fruit nut which became stuck in his intestines. Resulting in an emergency operation. Later I was presented with a large veterinary bill… would my Insurance cover this?

Is Insurance necessary for your Lhasa Apso? Yes, dog Insurance is necessary for your pet. Insurance helps to cover unexpected health bills and can include liability coverage in case your dog causes injury to a person or property.

Finally, I was reunited with my Lucky, he was well and out of danger. Then the veterinarian handed over his bill. Ouch! what a shock. In front of my eyes was a bill for over €600. This would take a large amount out of the monthly budget. I was relieved that I had insurance taken out to cover just this type of event.

Is Insurance Worth It?

When everything is going well with your Lhasa you might say to yourself that Insurance is too costly. You only need an accident to happen, just as in Lucky’s case and boom, you find yourself in a financial problematic situation.

Paying monthly could be hard for you, with the economic situation, today every dollar counts for many of us. If you love your Lhasa, they are part of your family, then you should make the decision to get them insured.

Taking my example above, I was obliged to operate on Lucky, if not, he would have died. In hindsight, I do not regret paying for his insurance even though it was a drain on the house finances.

Taking the average bill from an operation, to cancer treatment you can be expecting bills up to and over my €600. The average insurance claims in the UK are over £700.

Imagine what this would be if your pet has an ongoing illness. They need regular treatment and medications. It could run into thousands of dollars. After taking all into account, dog Insurance, is not so expensive.

How Much Is This Costing

What Is Covered?

You will need to do some research to find the Insurance company that suits your needs, in coverage and your budget. Different company policies vary and reading the contracts carefully will save you tears later.

Your primary cover should be for veterinarian bills. This will be the cheapest option available. Paying extra will allow you to cover theft and loss. Show dogs can be and are stolen so you will need proof of the purchase price before making a claim.  

Another option you could include in the cover may be for your pet’s death, caused by injury or long-term illness. Most insurance companies will not offer this if your Lhasa Apso already has a long-term illness.

If you travel abroad and you plan to take your dog with you do check that your policy covers international travels.

Veterinary Bills

With all insurance contracts, you need to read very carefully all the details, the contract may well stipulate that your dog has had all his regular treatment jabs and they are up to date, if not the contract may not payout for a big operation or treatment if they become ill.

Assuming that you have negotiated a good contract, your insurance should cover all the general veterinary bills. Including these listed below

  • Injuries from accidents
  • Hereditary problems
  • Dental Care
  • Ongoing illnesses
  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopath
  • Physiotherapy
  • Costs or risks of breeding

Which Plan To Take For Your Lhasa

Having made the decision to take out insurance for your Lhasa your next question will be what type of plan should you take. Outlined below are some options. These will assist you, depending on your dog’s age, your own personal budget and where you live, to decide which would be the option best suited for your situation.

1 Lifetime Insurance

This is the best plan by far, which covers your pet for its lifetime.

This insurance covers your dog for its entire life, it will be the most expensive in this list. The advantage is it gives the largest protection available.

This insurance will cover your Lhasa Apso against injuries and a large number of illnesses for their entire lives. This coverage has the advantage it may include pre-existing illnesses your pet has when you subscribe to the plan. Make sure you check this when subscribing. 

Some lifetime insurances may have a limit for certain conditions each year. 

For example; your pet this year had an operation that cost $4,000. Your dog’s lifetime insurance yearly limit is $6,000 then your Insurance would cover that operation. If during the year your veterinary bills are more than $6,000 then you would have to pay the surplus.

Assuming you pay your annual fees, the following year you are again covered for $6,000. Another interesting point of having lifelong insurance, each illness can have a set cost limit.  

Example; your dog has cherry eye and needs surgery, the limit for this operation could be set at $4,000 by your company, In the same year, if your pet needed an operation on their hip dysplasia disorder, this operation could be set for example at $5,000 Both of these bills are under the $6,000 annual limit for each illness and would be covered by your insurance. Do read the small print very carefully and talk to your insurance agent exactly what is covered in your dog’s lifetime plan. 

Other plans may have a limit for each condition, 

Example; If you have insured your dog for a lifetime condition limit of $60,000 You can claim this limit for each condition over your dog’s lifespan. If the veterinary costs go beyond the $60,000 then you will have to pay the extra. 

2 Non-lifetime Insurance

This type of plan is cheaper by having certain restrictions. Which are set out below.

  • Limited time

Normally 12 months in duration these plans will include conditions and time limits. 

  • Condition only

Your pet will only be covered for a certain limit for each condition. Going beyond this limit your dog will not be insured, any extra costs are for you to pay.  

  • Accidents only             

This is the cheapest cover you can have for your dog. These policies cover your dog if it is in an accident and needs treatment after. This cover does not pay any other health bills you receive from your veterinarian.

A Healthy Lucky

Things To Consider

Whenever subscribing to an Insurance plan for your dog, do tell the truth. Insurance companies have a gift of finding something to stop them from paying out. If you forgot to tell them your dog had a pre-existing illness before subscribing they will find out. Check out the many companies, you might find one that will cover your dog with a pre-existing condition.

As in auto insurance, there are excesses to pay. An excess is an amount you agree to pay. This might be based on a percentage, a flat fee or both,  be careful with the excesses if you have large veterinarian bills. Look for a company whose policies on excesses range from $50 to $100

I live in France and I have a personal insurance policy for my health, the older I become the more I have to pay. This is true with pet insurance, as our lhasa’s get older they are liable to have more health problems, needing more medical treatments. Hence if you try and insure an older dog the fees will be higher. This problem endorses the benefits of taking out insurance when your dog is young and healthy

If you decide to change policies it can be difficult if your pet has a pre-existing condition. You might want to change companies if your annual fees have increased, this is understandable. Did they increase because you made a claim?  If so this could create difficulties for any future company insuring your pet.

There Is An Alternative

Whilst I was researching for this post and the different Insurance offers available I found an interesting new concept for insuring your dog. The idea is a community-based program where you join the Eusoh Pet Health Plan along with other pet lovers. There is a joining/security deposit charge of $48 which is fully refunadable, then a small monthly fee of $17

The Eusoh Pet Health Plan is a good alternative if your dog has a pre-existing condition and you have been refused by other insurance companies. Eusoh members are able to join a system where they are evaluated individually if their dogs have a “pre-existing” condition.

Briefly, once you join the community and your dog has a condition where they need to visit the veterinarian, a large amount of your costs are met by the community. Everyone helps each other with their monthly fees. Your monthly fee and those from the other members create a cash reserve. When a member’s pet is in need the community helps.

I will let you check out for yourself if you think this could be the best way to cover your dog by clicking here on Eusoh Pet Health Plan


To have peace of mind, being sure your pet has appropriate health cover then you do need to Insure your beautiful Lhasa Apso. So many different companies offer various policies of dog insurance cover.  I cannot choose for you which company to choose or which policy to subscribe to. In the recommended products page, which you can find by going to the main menu or clicking on the link above, You will find a page specifically containing insurance companies and their offers. The ones I have chosen are based in the UK and the United States.

After your research for Insurance companies on the recommended products page, you might decide to purchase an Insurance policy from one of the Insurance companies cited. I thank you for your purchase as I will receive a small commission being an affiliate to these companies, this is at no extra cost to you. This small commission helps keep this website going, bringing you all you need to know about the Lhasa Apso.

I thank you so much for reading this far and sincerely hope that this post has helped you in your decision.

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