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What is the best food for my Lhasa Apso

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The best food and diet for your Lhasa Apso is vital for their well being, from their early days as a new puppy, right the way up to an advanced age you need to pay attention to what food they eat.

The Puppy Age

From weaning to solid foods

 Just as newborn babies are fed mothers milk you should leave your puppy suckling with their mother until they are properly weaned. This period is usually from four to six weeks. There is no alternative better than nature’s milk provided by the mother Lhasa Apso. By four to six weeks your puppies should be fully weaned and have their baby teeth by now, at this stage you can introduce them to start eating puppy food soaked in milk, remember they need plenty of nutrients at this early stage in life, so be sure the dry meal has good quantities of calcium, protein, fat, and carbohydrates in the ingredients formula. This you can find in the composition details on the packaging. Protein can either be in vegetable or meat form depending on your choice, the later will be easier for your puppy to digest. Fat can come from such meat as chicken, a good provider of essential fats that your puppies need at this stage. I am 66 years old and have taken Omega 3 capsules for many years, did you know that our pets can also take Omega 3 supplements? Amazon has them available for our Lhasa’s here. My skin and hair have both benefitted and I also take DHA capsules which help in the function of my brain and eyes. These are excellent supplements you could offer to your puppy as well.

as fat is absorb into your dogs system
A young Lhasa Apso

The Early Years


Now that your Lhasa Apso has a couple of years under his collar he is going to need a diet that meets his energy output, and believe me, Lucky was so energetic for such a small dog in his early years. Burning energy all day in the garden. Giving your Lhasa Apso the best chance for a healthy life is in your hands. Because they are very energetic they need lots of the best protein available, the best protein that you can give them comes from animal protein. This helps in their growth and well being, building healthy bones and strong muscles. If you plan to cook food at home and not feed the dry biscuits then be sure to add good quantities of lean meat into their diet, the main source is animal protein, protein is also available in vegetable form in grains, but this is harder for them to digest, a little grain mixed with the lean meat will be fine.


Fat also plays an important part in your dog’s health, yes I know we owners try and keep a nice slim figure and keep off the fat,  but your dog needs this in his diet as well, as fat is absorbed into your dog’s system it helps to maintain a healthy beautiful shiny coat, other health benefits of fat are their liver and hearts are kept in good condition. Sources of good fat can be obtained in fish meal and fish oil supplements that contain Omega 3 fatty acids and DHA, I personally take these supplements in my own diet with amazing results.  You could add maybe this twice a week into their diet. I also give Lucky some fat from the edge of my sliced ham as I can not stand it !! I have read that it ok for dogs.

Storing their food

Keeping all their food in an airtight container will stop odors in your home, and will keep your Lhasa’s food fresh. I keep Lucky’s food in one similar to this one,  check out the price on Amazon today.

Having a nice feeding station just for your pet Lhasa is cool, your dog will always find their food and drink in the same place, a food station like this one I found on Amazon might be ideal for you.


Another important element in your young dog’s diet is carbohydrates, because of the high activity of your Lhasa Apso running and playing all day at this young age they are going to need to build their stamina and muscles, and just like top sportspeople, your pet is going to need lots of carbohydrate in their diet, combined with the protein and fat to maintain its overall top form just like an athlete. These carbohydrates can be found in various foods such as fiber starch and sugar, which are broken down inside the stomach.

as fat is absorb into your dogs system
Sleeping time for an active young dog

My beliefs for my aging dog

I have always left Lucky’s food and water bowl on the kitchen floor, leaving him to decide when he needs to eat, this I have done since the day I found him wandering lost in my garden, but I will tell that story in another post. I know there are varying ideas against this but this is what I found fitted ours and his lifestyle. There are many top brands out there creating food for so many breeds, ages and conditions, I have always stayed with the same brand throughout his life, he does extremely well on food similar to this. I have been changing the formula as he ages, the doctors and nutritionists employed by these huge brands know more than myself. I rely totally on their experience and knowledge to provide exactly what my aging Lhasa Apso needs. If you want to really spoil your Lhasa why not get their food tailor-made just for them. This is possible today with Farmers Dog. Farmer’s Dog brings a fresh perspective. Vet-developed subscriptions are personalized to each customer, while fresh, real food is pre-portioned for each dog and home-delivered within days of cooking.

Senior Lhasa Apos

My Lhasa Apso Lucky is reaching seventeen years old, you can class your Lhasa Apso as senior if they reach 75/80 % of life expectancy, for this, we are looking at between 15 to 20 years old for an old Lhasa Apso, of course, most small breeds will live much longer than larger breeds of dogs which make them ideal for young children, as they grow up with their pet there is a real bond created between both, in my case my daughter has grown and left home now, Lucky is much less active as he ages, of course, therefore I still pay attention to Lucky’s diet plan,  although much of his day is spent sleeping on the couch his needs have changed with his old age, needing less energy in his food I now purchase a senior dog food that is specifically designed for his age, +12 years, I’m hoping he will continue to bring me joy for more years to come, he’s still my ”little fella”
My Old Lhasa Apso Lucky chilling out

My Conclusions

Ok as you can see when they are so young you just want to eat them they are so lovely, and the Lhasa Apso certainly knows how to melt your heart with those gorgeous eyes. I know you can’t resist and nor can I, sometimes Lucky gets the best out of me and I crack, yes even myself an 85-kilo man can break, but I prefer to give him reliable bio treats from reputable manufactures. At the end of the day, it’s entirely you and me that decides if our Lhasa Apso lives a long healthy life, they are and do reward us with so much loyalty and love in return.

Please do not let those heartbreaking eyes get the better of you, because if your pet becomes overweight you are condemning them to an early death. I personally know someone I use to work for, who gave in all the time to her little Romeo, so much so he became so obese he did die at a very young age, that was so sad. Apart from an early death, if you let your pet become overweight then you are inflicting pain to their tiny legs, trying to carry an extra two kilos for a Lhasa Apso is terrible, their little hearts will have to work overtime, they will suffer joint pains and could even get arthritis. So there you have my beliefs and my way that I have taken care of feeding my Lhasa over seventeen years, he is living proof that good food is essential to their healthy life.
Don’t let those eyes fool you

How to wash your Lhasa Apso at home

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  • How to brush your dog before bathtime
  • How to wash your Lhasa Apso
  • How to dry your Lhasa Apso
  • How to brush regularly
  • What are the different stages of hair growth
  • Tips

A picture says a thousand words! My Lhasa Apso is in need of some urgent attention.
Lucky in need of a bath

Here are my tips on how to wash my Lhasa Apso at home

You can see my Lhasa Apso ”Lucky” has been enjoying himself in some mud, there is only one thing left now, a good old bath time my fella! First things first, if your Lhasa Apso has dried out after their fun time, I would brush him/her gently to remove most of the soil and rubbish from the hair. If the amount is important I would give them a gentle hose down in the garden before going inside to your bathroom.

How to brush your dog before bathtime

Before washing, you need to brush your dog to get the tangles out and any other foreign matter that has accumulated in their hair. Slightly moisten the coat as this will help the brushing process. Do take your time and proceed with care as they do not like to be handled roughly, if you are rough they will remember and run away the next time you try and brush them. I always use an untangling comb first, this will get those difficult tangles out! Starting from the head and working towards their tail, if you encounter some really difficult tangles then hold the hair close to the body so as not to pull the skin when using the untangling comb. Here is a video on how to brush your dog


Untangling Comb

This untangling type of comb, I invite you to check their latest price here on Amazon, has blades which as you pull through the hair will gently cut the tangles, again do this with care and never pull hard. I tend to use just the tip so as not to pull too much hair at a time. That done I move on to a brush with fine soft wire, mine is the wooden type.  Check the latest prices of this model, similar to mine now on Amazon.  Thes gets to the winter coat that is close to the body and often gets matted if not brushed out on a routine basis.


Soft wire brush

Now your Lhasa Apso is ready for bathtime. Don’t forget to have some little reward biscuits at hand, they will remember and gladly let you brush them again next time.


How to wash your Lhasa Apso

With all that brushing done, its time to wash your beauty, if you have a puppy then once a week is fine, as your dog gets older that can be reduced to once a month but that depends on you. Prepare the bath area beforehand, have the dog shampoo at hand, and the dog conditioner, I always use good quality products from my local pet store, personally, I stay away from cheaper products in the big commercial stores. Your Lhasa Apso is worth that little extra isn’t he/she? Have some towels ready to tap dry, I tap dry Lucky first, I never rub him as that can tangle his hair again. Now your Lhasa Apso is in the shower or bath gently moisten the coat with lukewarm water, if you are using a bath then I suggest you have a few inches already in the bath, then using a small recipient you can pour the water onto the coat. Next apply the shampoo, one which is pH-neutral and with no added scents,  be careful not to get too much water into their eyes, ears or nose at this point, they will shake much less if the head is dry, concentrate on the body, legs and tail first, my dog loves to have massages on his back so this is a good time to give your dog a massage whilst washing, two jobs at the same time!  Once the body has been washed I concentrate on the head, very gently cleaning his eyes, Lucky’s eyes produce that brown stain on his facial hair inherent to a lot of Lhasa Apso’s. When you have finished washing them you must rinse well to remove all the soapy water, then apply the conditioner to give your pet a super-soft coat, then rinse again,  after the rinse gently with your hands get the excess water off the body and legs, lift your dog out of the bath to commence the drying.


How to dry your Lhasa Apso

Place them on the towels left on the floor and now watch him/her have a crazy time!!   I allow Lucky after his bath to be a fool for a few minutes as he enjoys rolling and scampering all over the towels,  left on the floor just for this reason. Once he has calmed down I use my wife’s hairdryer, or a professional dryer for dogs, there are many different models available, to see the newest designs you might like to check the latest prices on Amazon. As you can see from the description there are some attachments that other models do not include, this would help reduce time when grooming if you have more than one dog at home, this model could be the right choice for you. Always use on cool mode, never hot, to dry them, all the time talking to him and gently rubbing my fingers through his coat until he is dry, you could also use a large warm towel instead of the hairdryer, you can also brush at the same time to help in this drying time. Do make sure your pet is thoroughly dry, if not your dog could get itchy and scaly skin  I keep his coat short as he is always in the garden with me and gets into all sorts of states, this helps me keep him clean, much easier than a Lhasa Apso with a long coat.


Nice and clean

How to brush regularly

The Lhasa Apso when older has hair that is long, straight and hard to the feel, so different than a puppy, brushing on a regular basis is the best way to keep your dog in prime condition. Using a good untangling spay before each brushing session helps greatly to make this job so much easier. A daily brushing routine with the straight tooth comb, (one similar to mine is available on Amazon) and then once a week have a longer session to really work out the matted areas that may have formed over the week. To do this you need to do small areas at a time, I tend to start at the tail and work my way forward using the untangling brush, as the hair is long and overlays I find it easier to lift the hair laying on top, after the untangling comb I will then turn to the tooth comb which facilitates the job more, and finally with the bristle brush, Lucky’s is the same almost as this one on Amazon. If your Lhasa Apso has short hair like my Lucky then a good daily brush is perfect to maintain his coat free from tangles, but if your dog has a long coat or is a show dog then I would recommend more serious daily brushing. The two brushes I use the most often are the straight-toothed comb, this type of brush does not cut the hair but combs through the coat to get the matted hair out, and a bristle brush is for general finishing.


Straight tooth comb


Bristle brush

What are the different stages of hair growth

The Lhasa Apso’s when older have a coat that is long, straight and hard to the feel. As puppies, the Lhasa Apso is like little bundles, just as cute as a little fluffy teddy bear, short and curly.  Around the age of one and a half years, you will see the adult coat form, the longer straighter hair now growing over the puppy hair. This is the period when the hair can become matted so watch out at this stage! The hair continues to grow down to floor level to help protect the animal from the rigorous mountainous weather, the typical climate conditions where the Lhasa Aspo originates from (Nepal) has a harsh climate ranging from hot summers to very cold winters. This long hair is the coat that Lhasa Apso’s enter competitions with, the Lhasa Apso in all its splendor. Their coat has a natural parting running down from the top of the head and down the spine, so hair falls flat down both sides. See Lucky in the photo below with his parting! A bit like Dougal from the Magic Roundabout,  are you old enough to remember that T.V series? Lhasa Apso’s do have many color combinations and Lucky has a beautiful tawny brown coat.


Lucky at 18 months


I always wash Lucky in the shower, or you might like to have a portable washtub just for your Lhasa, a special sturdy and completely foldable tub like this one.  Why in the shower do you ask? When they have their shaking session, as all dogs do, the dirty soapy water will go everywhere, when washing inside the shower all this mess is confined to the enclosed shower cubicle. I also hold my hand over his head when rinsing so to lessen the chances of water getting into his eyes, nose, and ears. And don’t forget those reward biscuits.

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