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10 Fun Toys Your Lhasa Will Love to Have

Your Lhasa Apso from their puppy years needs toys to stimulate their mind, reactions and to help them learn to obey your commands when you are playing together.

You can remember when you enjoyed playing with your favorite toys, being creative, and learning at the same time. As a Lhasa parent, it will be your duty to care for them. One aspect of that care is to stimulate them and this can be achieved with toys.

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Why are Toys Important?

Your dog will need to be stimulated mentally and toys are ideal. Mental stimulation will also balance your dog’s emotions. Chasing balls and other objects will keep them in form physically.

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, if your dog is happy, this will make you happy. Keeping your pet Lhasa stimulated physically and mentally with their toys on a daily basis will consolidate this friendship.

Lhasa Apsos are bred to be internal guard/companion dogs and do not get the physical exercise that other breeds of dogs do. 

When your Lhasa is a puppy it is very important they have some toys to chew on. They are mischievous little dogs and will, as all puppies do, chew your furniture, the carpet or whatever they want to test their teeth on, sometimes even you.

Toys That Help Your Dog Relax

A restless dog could make you a nervous owner. Toys that help your pet to relax are numerous;

One particular toy which I suggest and is highly spoken of is a Kong.

What is a Kong you ask? It’s rubber, pear-shaped, and you fill it with their favorite treats or food. Your Lhasa Apso has his favorite treats right under his nose, but they have to use their intelligence to figure out how to get the treats out.

You should have one of these Kong calmers in your pet’s toy box. They are mentally stimulating toys, made from a natural rubber compound. Kong is the gold standard of dog toys for over thirty years. It helps them relax and is a toy that makes your pet use their brain. Take a look here at Kong toys.

Another toy on the same mental stimulation level is Bob A Lot. Starmark is the manufacturer of this cute little treat dispenser that is going to test your puppy out. Having a weighted bottom the toy rolls around as your Lhasa is trying to get his treats.

These toys help alleviate anxiety and boredom behaviors and provide hours of mental stimulation. It will keep your pet happy in your home by improving relationships with you.

Why not compare this Bob a Lot on Amazon to see if it suits your Lhasa.

The next toy is made from a non-toxic rubber. Strong enough for your Lhasa, easily washable and hygienic.  With its jaws design, you can hide kibble treats or small pieces of cheese to keep your pet occupied. Keeping them busy as they learn to retrieve their little treats out from the toy’s jaws. It also doubles up as an aid in keeping their teeth and gums healthy. It can also be used as an ordinary ball to play together.

Toys for Exercising

One of Amazon’s choice toys for your pet is a ball called Chuckit. As the name suggests you chuck it, and your dog will chase it, the difference with the Chuckit ball is it’s an ultra bouncy ball. Fabricated in a tough and durable rubber it has an outside texture that’s gentle on your dog’s mouth. The rubber compound inside is much stiffer making this toy ideal if your Lhasa Apso so is a hard chewer

The Chuckit ball is lightweight and buoyant so if your Lhasa enjoys swimming the Chuckit ball would be the perfect toy. To assist you in throwing the ball further there is a Chuckit ball launcher available from the same manufacturers.
Lucky Chasing the tennis balls

Now this toy, the Dog Frisbee, will keep your Lhasa jumping and running which will strengthen their muscles and their bone structure. At the same time, eye body coordination is increased as they run, jump, and catch the frisbee in the air. A cool thing with this frisbee, you can use it as a food or water bowl whilst you’re out playing together.

Made by West Pool in the USA this frisbee actually glows in the dark so your playtime together can continue as night falls. Made from a soft pliable material that is a latex-free it is non-toxic and complies with the FDA regulations.  It will be gentle on your dog’s mouth with the curved edges. You can keep this clean and hygienic by placing it in the dishwasher after each session.

The Nerf Ball Blaster gun launches tennis balls for your dog to run and chase. They are really handy if you suffer from osteoarthritis, as I do, and find it difficult to throw the ball, then the Nerf ball blaster for your dog is also the best option for you.

They are easy to use, just pull back on the handle, load the ball and then shoot, tennis balls can go as far as 50 feet away, you can adjust the power to change the distance the tennis ball flies. Perfect if you are in a small yard or out in a big park. After buying a Nerf Ball Blaster you’re gonna have hours of fun with your pet, at the same time keeping them fit and active, without you becoming tired, guaranteeing your dog will sleep well at night.

This Fitness Robot will keep your pet amused and fit. The robot interacts and plays with your dog as it zooms around the home. When your dog interacts, the robot will automatically reward them with one of their treats. It has 16 variation modes that will keep your dog occupied, helping to deal with separation anxiety, the stress of being alone, and will reduce furniture chewing created through boredom.

Made from polycarbonate materials the robot is easy to keep clean and is water-resistant. If you are worried about your dog getting any electrical discharge you can be assured they are safe. The robot is robust and can resist the chewing from your dog, at the same time staying waterproof. 

This high tech toy has applications for Apple and Android devices. It is built with the latest artificial intelligence which helps the robot to navigate around different rooms, keeping your pet amused. Having the latest technology makes it even possible that the machine can determine the strength of your pet. As your Lhasa plays with the robot your dog’s interactions will be rewarded by the robot. A really good intelligent toy to have in your house.

The next toy, ZippyPaws, I have chosen simply because they look so comical, these three fluffy forest animals have no stuffing, which could get ingested by your dog. The three animals that come in this package are a fox, squirrel, and a raccoon. These are adorable little toys, each has three round squeakers built inside that will keep your pet happy and entertained. Having no stuffing these toys will last longer, with no pieces of stuffing all over the house, you will be glad of your purchase.

The Jump N Jack from Kong is specifically designed to help clean your dog’s teeth. As they play and chew on the Jump N Jack toy their teeth are cleaned by the special design features. I could never clean Luckys teeth as he would not allow me to touch his mouth with any form of brush, this would have been a very worthwhile investment. Made in the USA by Kong you can be assured this toy is of a high-quality fabrication and is durable.

The toy will satisfy the natural chewing instincts of your dog. If you insert some treats this will increase the time your dog will play. With its specially designed form, it will bounce in all directions keeping your pet amused.

To help if you’re undecided about which of the toys to buy for your pet, I have chosen this set with three different toys. Made by Nerf, the 3 toy set includes a 30 inch long tough tug squeaking football, a crunch and squeak 6-inch football, and the four-inch crunch and squeak ball. This toy set will give hours of fun for you and your dog.

Time spent playing with your Lhasa is beneficial for you both. Because of their special character your dog is going to amuse you when playing together. I remember playing with Lucky on many occasions, I would be laughing so much watching his antics. Whenever we played ball together he would run and pick up the ball but never bring it back. That was his way of playing with me. When my son and I played tennis, Lucky would be there picking up the balls and putting them all in the same corner never bringing them back to us. It was so funny.
Lucky the play full skate boarder

Do Lhasa Apso’s Suffer From Arthritis? The Signs To Look For

Many humans as they reach their senior years become prone to suffer from osteoarthritis. A health problem that becomes painful and in some cases making daily activities almost impossible. I suffer to a small degree and realize that my Lhasa is also suffering now.

Arthritis in Lhasa Apsos manifests with age. Your Lhasas’s cartilage is lubricated with a small amount of fluid. When this cartilage, which acts as a cushion, becomes worn away their joint bones rub together, resulting in friction and pain.

The rubbing together will cause new bone growth creating more pain. Although not visible on Lucky, I can see on my own hands, very deformed joints as the new bone has grown, to the extent my right thumb has become immobile now.

Early Signs

Personally, I started to feel slight discomfort in my hands, and now this has progressed to other areas. Lucky, my Lhasa, is 18 years old and is suffering from Arthritis. I noticed the early signs when I would sometimes see him limp from time to time.

As time progressed this became more noticeable. Sometimes he would give out a small groan in these early stages. I also saw his walking changed slightly, with a hind leg swinging outwards, not in a straight movement.

If your Lhasa loves riding in the car they may have jumped in, just like mine used to. But this was another sign I noticed as he found it increasingly difficult to jump up. I would have to lift him into the car from then on.

Naturally, as Luckys Arthritis progressed he has become less active, resulting in a reduced muscle mass. With less exercise you need to be careful your Lhasa does not become overweight. If you are not sure if your Lhasa is becoming obese this link leads to a post detailing the signs to look out for.

As the Arthritis progresses your pet will cry or give out soft moans especially when you touch them or try lifting them. Even when going to lay down Lucky gives out small groans now, I feel so sorry for him.
Lucky before Arthritis


Symptoms also include.

  • Becoming grumpy
  • Stiffness when rising
  • Reluctance to do any exercise
  • Eating less
  • Gaining extra pounds
  • Constant licking of Joints

As a Lhasa owner, you should seek your veterinarian’s advice. They will perform various acts, including Xrays and a body inspection to ascertain which joints are arthritic.

The veterinarian may also carry out blood tests and a sample of the liquid in the affected joints to determine if there are any other health conditions that arthritis could be causing. Acting on their diagnostic you can help relieve some of your dog’s pain and suffering.

One of the symptoms above I am noticing recently is the saliva stains as Lucky licks his rear feet/legs.

Saliva Stains on Feet


Arthritis is caused by a change or damage to the cartilage, having an accident like pulling a ligament can create instability in a particular member. Lucky has jumped down from heights where I have seen him spread-eagled on the floor in his younger days, how he never damaged his joints amazes me.

Your pet’s environment can also play a part in bringing on early arthritis. If your region is constantly wet or humid you may see your Lhasa showing these early signs listed above.

Having broken bones in the past, abnormal cartilage growth are contributing factors in arthritis. These can cause early arthritic signs in older Lhasas.

Natural Supplement Remedies

Acting on your veterinarians’ results you can naturally help relieve a certain amount of your dog’s pain and suffering.

These soft chewy tablets I have chosen contain CM8. Cetyl Myristoleate (CM8) is a natural ingredient that is used in these chews. Lubricating the joints and reducing swelling. Being a natural product you should allow some time for the CM8 to become absorbed into your Lhasas system.

Do not start to feel sorry and start giving your Lhasa lots of treats. Controlling their weight regularly is so important. Reducing those extra pounds on their joints will alleviate some of their sufferings.

Selecting the correct food to help maintain the correct weight should become an important part of your dog parent routine. As your Lhasa becomes older they will dispense less energy and need a diet to match.

This dietary food for small dogs would be just fine for your Lhasa Apso. Manufactured in the USA with natural ingredients and recommended by veterinarians. It is easy to digest, healthy for heart and kidneys with its balanced minerals and having a high protein level to keep those muscles strong and lean.

Tip; If your Lhasa does not like to stand on the scales. Weigh yourself first, pick up your Lhasa, then reweigh both of you together, Subtract your first weight from this total. Voila, you now have the weight of your Lhasa

Activity for your Lhasa is very important as they age, try to keep them mobile and active for as long as possible. Lucky is reluctant to do any activity now, so I carry him outside for his needs, far enough from the home that he has to walk to return home again. Today this is the only form of movement his little body gets.


Medication can help reduce cartilage destruction, these are available from your veterinarian. There are two types of arthritis, acute, and progressive. You can help delay the effects and help reduce your pet’s suffering by using appropriate medications.

Drugs used today for arthritis come in three forms.

Supplements ( covered above)

Protectors; The role of protectors is to reduce the damage, this is achieved with a composition made from, pentosan polysulfate, polysulfated glycosaminoglycans, hyaluronic acid. Helping to reduce cartilage destruction and inflammation.

NSAIDs Although having side effects, do help keep inflammation at bay. This maybe your veterinarian’s first option, but because of the long term side effects they will be changed before your dog’s health deteriorates.

As animal medication advances regular visits and controls will guarantee your dog has the best care possible.

Credit: Thanks to The Kennel Club where I was able to source some of the content of this post.

Dementia in Old Age Lhasa Apso’s. Symptoms and How to Help Your Lhasa

I remember my mother saying as she became older that she never wanted to lose her mind. Thankfully she lived to the age of 84 without any loss of her faculties. Becoming old can cause dementia in your Lhasa Apso just as it can for you. In this post I will share with you how I am dealing with my Lhasa “Lucky” and his dementia.

Lucky is now 18 years old, and bless him he has dementia, it is something that he is coping with to the best of his capabilities. He gets around the house and grounds with a little difficulty, he is blind and deaf which does not help the matter. The other problem is me, I have to learn how to adapt to his new world now.
Lucky with Dementia

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Before you continue to read this post I admit now I am not a Doctor or Veterinarian. All this information is from my own experience with my Lhasa Lucky and research on the internet.

What is Dementia in Dogs?

CCDS or Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome is an illness that attacks your dog’s neural system. As canine medicine progresses so does the lifespan of your pet, increasing the chances of them getting CCDS. Just the thought of seeing your dog with this is terrible. 

CCDS is an illness that affects the frontal part of the brain, where memory and learning are connected. I see in Lucky the forgetfulness, an example, when I give him a treat he forgets to lift his paw. Over time this will spread throughout the brain resulting in other comportment problems.

What Causes Dog Dementia?

As your Lhasa ages they will slowly have brain cells that die, resulting in the strange way your pet behaves. If your dog has had a small unnoticeable stroke this could lead to the onset of CCDS. Although the exact causes are still unsure they resemble those of humans that have dementia.

What are the Signs of Dementia in your Dog?

Having a Lhasa, or any pet, you will see life in an accelerated form. Your new arrival comes as a puppy, grows into a young dog, then an adult dog and finally a senior dog. All this in 14 years, or less if you have other large breeds of dogs at home.

It’s this last stage where you can see the first signs of CCDS starting to affect your dog. I have seen dementia slowing progressing in my Lucky now for a few years and it is upsetting to see. Helplessness on my part is my first concern. 

Some of the first signs I noticed was his unusual behavior. Forgetting to obey commands that he learned as a puppy and had performed all his life. Also finding his way back to the home started to become more difficult. 

One of the latest signs now is that he has started to pee indoors, not remembering to go to the door as was his behavior before. We live in a hot climate and do not have carpets or rugs in our home, thankfully, as this could become a major issue.  

Dr. Denise Petryk, DVM states the acronym DISHA will help you understand more the signs of CCDS, 

  • Disorientation
  • Interaction with other animals and humans
  • Sleeping and wake pattern changes
  • House accidents
  • Activity level changes

She continues that this acronym gives you something to use daily, looking for these early signs, warning you of behavior patterns that are not normal for your dog.

I have filmed Lucky suffering from dementia in the grounds, trying to find his way back home he has great difficulty, its sad to watch but brings you the reality of this illness. If you watch the film don’t worry where he bangs his head, he was not hurt in the making of the film. Click on this link to watch the short film of Lucky trying his best to get home.

Can Dog Dementia come on Suddenly?

In my personal case with Lucky CCDS has progressed over several years. In the research, for this article I did not find any relevant articles suggesting of sudden attacks of CCDS. It would appear that it is a slow build-up from my experience with Lucky.

Are Dogs with Dementia in Pain?

Pain comes in two forms, the physical and the mental. When you fall and bang your knee you feel the pain. If someone says hurtful words to you, you suffer from a mental pain, a pain that no one can see.

This is the same for your Lhasa, we can see their physical problems and act accordingly. If your pet has CCDS, they could be suffering mentally, they can not tell you how they feel. 

Is this mental pain in your pet serious enough to direct you towards a veterinarian to end that pain? I want to keep Lucky with me for as long as can be, is this selfish? What will you do when that day arrives?

Do Dogs with Dementia Forget to Eat?

Lucky continues to eat at the same time as my wife and I, he has not forgotten how or when to eat. There are occasions though when he just stands over his food bowl, doing nothing, just looking at the wall. It would seem he wants to eat but has either no appetite or has forgotten.

Can Dogs Die from Dementia?

The life expectancy for your Lhasa is up to 18 years or more in perfect health. What if your dog has CCDS, is it going to die? Researchers that studied dogs with CCDS found in 98% of cases there is no evidence this illness caused their death or that their lifespan was shortened, that’s the good news. Yes they can live as long as any other dog that does not suffer from CCDS.

Dementia will not kill your pet, it can though have an adverse effect on their quality of life. Some owners have had to make the sad choice of putting their pets to sleep in a way of ending their suffering. 

Can CBD Oil Help Dogs with Dementia?

What is this Cannabidiol oil? This is obtained by extracting the substance CBD from the cannabis plant, thereafter it is mixed and diluted with an oil carrier, CBD is digestible to the receiver. Studies are showing the benefits this oil can have in helping relieve pain, actually interacting with neurotransmitters reducing inflammation. 

Using CBD oil for your Lhasa is not going to bring back their full memory. Dementia side effects include anxiety and stress, and CBD oil is shown to have relieving properties in this domain. Helping your Lhasa to stay relaxed and calm.

In the USA the government has a patent on cannabis, because of its qualities of a neuroprotectant. 

If you are able to purchase CBD oil in your country then you can add some to your Lhasas food. They will benefit more if you start before dementia sets in. 

If you think your Lhasa is starting to show signs of early dementia you can buy CBD online. Using an online store you can purchase CBD oil, Amazon is one store for example.  

If you prefer to buy from an alternative to the BIG A site, I found a website selling CBD oil for your pet. The company, Flexoffers, is American based in Miami and has a wide range of pet dog sites. I am an affiliate for this company and I propose them in place of the more well-known actors on the internet.

To save you time, here is the link directly to the offer on Flexoffers, CBD oil for dogs. Whichever site you choose is your decision, but don’t waste time, if you think your baby is suffering from dementia then I recommend you purchase some CBD oil or supplements now to help them in the years to come.

What is the difference between Dementia and Alzheimer’s?

Both these are looked upon as mental illness, but what really are the differences?

Although confusing, the term Dementia differs from that of Alzheimer. Dementia is a term used to describe many various mental conditions, including Alzheimer. Dementia is not an illness in such, but a combination of different mental conditions. 

As your pets’ brain cells die, due to some form of damage, they lose some of their mental faculties, reasoning, memory, even their emotions towards you are affected. Resulting in an interference within their daily activities and life in general. Affecting their memory, they become lost and in their own world. You may notice your Lhasa standing at the open door just looking into space.

Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that degenerates over time in humans, leading to dementia type symptoms. CDDS can be called the canine equivalent of human Alzheimers because of similar symptoms.   

Ask for your Vets Advice

I strongly advise you to consult your veterinarian to get their expert opinion, determining if your Lhasa is showing signs of dementia and the steps you can take in helping them lead a better old age life.

How can I help my dog with dementia?

There are actions you can take to help your pet, remember they are suffering in their own small world and even moving furniture in the home can seriously disturb their life. They have become used to walking in the same space without obstacles, you move a chair to a new position and they will collide into it.

You already do I know, but give them lots of cuddles and love, this reassures them you are there. I have to carry Lucky outside to go to the toilet, waiting with him to make sure he can find his way home. Stimulate their minds with some games, take them for walks (you need to have patience) Understand that if they have accidents in the home it’s not their fault. 

You might like to try supplements to help. So as not to fill this post with a lot of links here is one link covering most of these supplements. Give it time to load as they have so much choice at unbeatable prices.

  • Vitamins E and C. …
  • Vitamin D. …
  • Zinc. …
  • Vitamin B1. …
  • Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid. …
  • Phosphatidylserine. …
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Will My Lhasa Apso Die From Collapsing Trachea?

Collapsing Trachea is a problem many small dogs suffer from. What is it, how to recognize it, and what action you should take. If you are concerned and want to find out more carry on reading. You will learn and know what action to carry out if your Lhasa ever gets this medical problem.

Collapsing Trachea in Lhasa Apso’s is rare, although it is known they can suffer from this health problem. If the coughing is not interrupted during a spasm your dog’s airway could become restricted, resulting in your dog stressing, and not being able to get oxygen.  This can lead to your dog’s death.

Dog owners can get confused between collapsing trachea and backward sneezing, both of these symptoms will scare you, let us take a look at what the differences are and if they are deadly to Lhasa Apso’s

What Is Collapsing Trachea?

Try to imagine a pipe that is made of many rings, one after the other, this is similar to a dog’s windpipe. An example: like a vacuum hose. The dog’s windpipe is made with consecutive cartilage rings. This windpipe is called a Trachea in medical terms.

A dog will find breathing difficult as these ”rings” weaken and start to collapse. This difficulty, as the windpipe collapses, will result in a distinct honking cough as they try to get air inside their lungs.

There could be an abnormal congenital condition, where the cartilage has less cellular build, leading to a weakening and eventual collapse of the trachea.  Although the real explanation is unknown for tracheal collapse the above explanation is the prime suspect.

Backward Sneezing

This dysfunction is found in many small (toy) dog breeds with a flat face and short muzzle, Yorkies, Pugs, Beagles, Boxers, are some examples. The Shih-Tzu and Lhasa Apso’s are far from exempt. Lucky my Lhasa has this very often as his old age symptoms increase. When he first started to get backward sneezing it scared me so much I thought he was going to die. Thankfully reverse sneezing is not fatal.

Backward sneezing occurs when your dog sneezes, but instead of sneezing out they sneeze inwards making a weird sound. Making a loud snoring sound, (as I do at night my wife tells me) Its strange to watch as your dog pushes their head forward, mouth open as if trying to get air. You feel so helpless unable to help.

Reverse sneezing is not fatal for a dog, although scary for you the first time you witness it. Firstly you must stay calm, knowing that even if you are not there your Lhasa will get over it safely.

What I do is to gently caress Lucky on his throat, talking softly at the same time until he calms down, to reassure him all will be fine. Another option is to put your hand over the nose for a brief moment, sometimes blowing into their nose can make them stop. Whatever you do, be assured, your Lhasa will get over it in a few seconds even on their own.


Warning Signs of Tracheal Collapse

The first sign is audible as that horrible cough starts. You will notice a lack of interest in exercising as they will have less oxygen. Looking closely at their gums to see if they are blue.  If they are it is a sign of oxygen deficiency, this combined with the difficulty in breathing should alert you to Collapsed Trachea and you should seek your veterinarian urgently. 

Can It Be Treated?

Yes, it can. Something that you can do to reduce your dog having a collapsed trachea is asking yourself is my Lhasa Apso is overweight. Obesity in your pet is a common cause of a collapsed trachea.  Infections in the throat and environment pollution can play a big part, cigarette smoke, house dust, etc.

Quoting Dr. Karen Becker from the Healthy Pets website, about 70% of dogs suffering can be controlled successfully with medication. By using conventional drugs and sedatives mild cases can be kept under control.

When we cough regularly our throats become increasingly irritated, and this happens to dogs as well. Therefore you must try to interrupt the coughing cycle.

What You Can Do To Help

Helping to relieve their sore throat naturally is advised as soon as possible. This is achieved by adding natural substances to your dog’s food. You may add, cool tea made from slippery elm, mullein, wild cherry bark, honey or licorice root. 

When exercising always use a Dog Harness, or a backpack similar to the one below, not a collar, collars that pull on the neck increases the risk of collapsing the trachea. 

Do have regular blood tests carried out as a collapsing trachea can cause liver problems.

Surgery, The Last Option.

Assuming your Lhasa is not responding to medication or has a chronic collapsed trachea then surgical intervention will be proposed. The trachea goes deep inside the chest and there are two possibilities of intervention that are used.  If the collapse is in the upper throat or neck then plastic rings are inserted to strengthen the trachea wall, helping to keep it open.

With the trachea collapsing further inside the chest then the veterinarian could insert a stent, just as in heart surgery. As with all surgery, there could be complications, sometimes needing a second intervention. Do make sure you have adequate insurance as the final bill could be running into thousands of dollars.


As you have gained insight now you will understand that a collapsed trachea is dangerous for your Lhasa Apso. You will know how to tell the difference between a reverse sneezing attack and a collapsed trachea. Although possible, the chances that your dog will die are small. There are medications and surgery available to alleviate the problem from getting worse.

As your Lhasa gets older they do get more health issues. I invite you to read about these old age health issues on this post. As always if you have any doubts about the health of your pet, go see your veterinarian urgently.
















Lhasa Apso Insurance. Is It Necessary

My Lucky once swallowed a large fruit nut which became stuck in his intestines. Resulting in an emergency operation. Later I was presented with a large veterinary bill… would my Insurance cover this?

Is Insurance necessary for your Lhasa Apso? Yes, dog Insurance is necessary for your pet. Insurance helps to cover unexpected health bills and can include liability coverage in case your dog causes injury to a person or property.

Finally, I was reunited with my Lucky, he was well and out of danger. Then the veterinarian handed over his bill. Ouch! what a shock. In front of my eyes was a bill for over €600. This would take a large amount out of the monthly budget. I was relieved that I had insurance taken out to cover just this type of event.

Is Insurance Worth It?

When everything is going well with your Lhasa you might say to yourself that Insurance is too costly. You only need an accident to happen, just as in Lucky’s case and boom, you find yourself in a financial problematic situation.

Paying monthly could be hard for you, with the economic situation, today every dollar counts for many of us. If you love your Lhasa, they are part of your family, then you should make the decision to get them insured.

Taking my example above, I was obliged to operate on Lucky, if not, he would have died. In hindsight, I do not regret paying for his insurance even though it was a drain on the house finances.

Taking the average bill from an operation, to cancer treatment you can be expecting bills up to and over my €600. The average insurance claims in the UK are over £700.

Imagine what this would be if your pet has an ongoing illness. They need regular treatment and medications. It could run into thousands of dollars. After taking all into account, dog Insurance, is not so expensive.
How Much Is This Costing

What Is Covered?

You will need to do some research to find the Insurance company that suits your needs, in coverage and your budget. Different company policies vary and reading the contracts carefully will save you tears later.

Your primary cover should be for veterinarian bills. This will be the cheapest option available. Paying extra will allow you to cover theft and loss. Show dogs can be and are stolen so you will need proof of the purchase price before making a claim.  

Another option you could include in the cover may be for your pet’s death, caused by injury or long-term illness. Most insurance companies will not offer this if your Lhasa Apso already has a long-term illness.

If you travel abroad and you plan to take your dog with you do check that your policy covers international travels.

Veterinary Bills

With all insurance contracts, you need to read very carefully all the details, the contract may well stipulate that your dog has had all his regular treatment jabs and they are up to date, if not the contract may not payout for a big operation or treatment if they become ill.

Assuming that you have negotiated a good contract, your insurance should cover all the general veterinary bills. Including these listed below

  • Injuries from accidents
  • Hereditary problems
  • Dental Care
  • Ongoing illnesses
  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopath
  • Physiotherapy
  • Costs or risks of breeding

Which Plan To Take For Your Lhasa

Having made the decision to take out insurance for your Lhasa your next question will be what type of plan should you take. Outlined below are some options. These will assist you, depending on your dog’s age, your own personal budget and where you live, to decide which would be the option best suited for your situation.

1 Lifetime Insurance

This is the best plan by far, which covers your pet for its lifetime.

This insurance covers your dog for its entire life, it will be the most expensive in this list. The advantage is it gives the largest protection available.

This insurance will cover your Lhasa Apso against injuries and a large number of illnesses for their entire lives. This coverage has the advantage it may include pre-existing illnesses your pet has when you subscribe to the plan. Make sure you check this when subscribing. 

Some lifetime insurances may have a limit for certain conditions each year. 

For example; your pet this year had an operation that cost $4,000. Your dog’s lifetime insurance yearly limit is $6,000 then your Insurance would cover that operation. If during the year your veterinary bills are more than $6,000 then you would have to pay the surplus.

Assuming you pay your annual fees, the following year you are again covered for $6,000. Another interesting point of having lifelong insurance, each illness can have a set cost limit.  

Example; your dog has cherry eye and needs surgery, the limit for this operation could be set at $4,000 by your company, In the same year, if your pet needed an operation on their hip dysplasia disorder, this operation could be set for example at $5,000 Both of these bills are under the $6,000 annual limit for each illness and would be covered by your insurance. Do read the small print very carefully and talk to your insurance agent exactly what is covered in your dog’s lifetime plan. 

Other plans may have a limit for each condition, 

Example; If you have insured your dog for a lifetime condition limit of $60,000 You can claim this limit for each condition over your dog’s lifespan. If the veterinary costs go beyond the $60,000 then you will have to pay the extra. 

2 Non-lifetime Insurance

This type of plan is cheaper by having certain restrictions. Which are set out below.

  • Limited time

Normally 12 months in duration these plans will include conditions and time limits. 

  • Condition only

Your pet will only be covered for a certain limit for each condition. Going beyond this limit your dog will not be insured, any extra costs are for you to pay.  

  • Accidents only             

This is the cheapest cover you can have for your dog. These policies cover your dog if it is in an accident and needs treatment after. This cover does not pay any other health bills you receive from your veterinarian.
A Healthy Lucky

Things To Consider

Whenever subscribing to an Insurance plan for your dog, do tell the truth. Insurance companies have a gift of finding something to stop them from paying out. If you forgot to tell them your dog had a pre-existing illness before subscribing they will find out. Check out the many companies, you might find one that will cover your dog with a pre-existing condition.

As in auto insurance, there are excesses to pay. An excess is an amount you agree to pay. This might be based on a percentage, a flat fee or both,  be careful with the excesses if you have large veterinarian bills. Look for a company whose policies on excesses range from $50 to $100

I live in France and I have a personal insurance policy for my health, the older I become the more I have to pay. This is true with pet insurance, as our lhasa’s get older they are liable to have more health problems, needing more medical treatments. Hence if you try and insure an older dog the fees will be higher. This problem endorses the benefits of taking out insurance when your dog is young and healthy

If you decide to change policies it can be difficult if your pet has a pre-existing condition. You might want to change companies if your annual fees have increased, this is understandable. Did they increase because you made a claim?  If so this could create difficulties for any future company insuring your pet.

There Is An Alternative

Whilst I was researching for this post and the different Insurance offers available I found an interesting new concept for insuring your dog. The idea is a community-based program where you join the Eusoh Pet Health Plan along with other pet lovers. There is a joining/security deposit charge of $48 which is fully refunadable, then a small monthly fee of $17

The Eusoh Pet Health Plan is a good alternative if your dog has a pre-existing condition and you have been refused by other insurance companies. Eusoh members are able to join a system where they are evaluated individually if their dogs have a “pre-existing” condition.

Briefly, once you join the community and your dog has a condition where they need to visit the veterinarian, a large amount of your costs are met by the community. Everyone helps each other with their monthly fees. Your monthly fee and those from the other members create a cash reserve. When a member’s pet is in need the community helps.

I will let you check out for yourself if you think this could be the best way to cover your dog by clicking here on Eusoh Pet Health Plan


To have peace of mind, being sure your pet has appropriate health cover then you do need to Insure your beautiful Lhasa Apso. So many different companies offer various policies of dog insurance cover.  I cannot choose for you which company to choose or which policy to subscribe to. In the recommended products page, which you can find by going to the main menu or clicking on the link above, You will find a page specifically containing insurance companies and their offers. The ones I have chosen are based in the UK and the United States.

After your research for Insurance companies on the recommended products page, you might decide to purchase an Insurance policy from one of the Insurance companies cited. I thank you for your purchase as I will receive a small commission being an affiliate to these companies, this is at no extra cost to you. This small commission helps keep this website going, bringing you all you need to know about the Lhasa Apso.

I thank you so much for reading this far and sincerely hope that this post has helped you in your decision.

25 Questions for Small Dog Owners, Find the Answers Here

Probably like me when you are looking for an answer to a specific question on the internet you get bewildered by the sea of responses. Well, I am going to help you find some specific answers to your specific small dog questions. And all in one place. All these answers are on a site dedicated to the Lhasa Apso breed.

N.B As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases made on this website. If you make a purchase through links from this website, we may get a small share of the sale from Amazon and other similar affiliate programs.

Below is a list of questions that you may have asked at some time prior to or after your small dog comes home to live with you. A brief overview of each question is followed by a link that will direct you towards the answers on

  1. Can I wash my dog at home?
  2. What is the best food for my dog?
  3. Are small dogs good with children?
  4. Can I take my dog on a winter vacation?
  5. Why does my dog bark so much?
  6. How do I care for my dog when it is old?
  7. Is my dog overweight?
  8. Are there remedies for travel sickness?
  9. Will my dog be sad when I leave them alone?
  10. What is the best way to transport my dog on a voyage?
  11. What are the pros and cons of a small breed?
  12. What is best a male or female?
  13. Is my dog hyperallergic?
  14. What are the health problems of small dogs? part1
  15. What are the health problems of small dogs? part2
  16. Do small dogs have a bad temperament?
  17. How should I groom my small dog?
  18. What are the signs of old age?
  19. Is it possible to breed my dog?
  20. Should I vaccinate my small dog?
  21. How can I treat against ticks and fleas?
  22. How can I handle my dog’s death?
  23. Which question to ask before I adopt a dog?
  24. Has my dog got a cherry eye?
  25. Will my puppy destroy my home?

Can I Wash my Dog at Home?

If you have space and facilities then personally I see no reason against washing your dog at home. I have a Lhasa Apso called Lucky, now seventeen years old, who has never been to the groomers for a bath during that time. I have always bathed him in the shower, deep sink or bathtub.

At first, he would enjoy this time, but today he is horrified when I take him into the shower because he is blind and deaf. Imagine yourself what it must be like for one minute.

Always leave the head until last, once the body has been washed and rinsed you can move on towards the head. They will shake their heads and body so much, have lots of towels at hand.

Here is THE LINK to the full article on how to wash your dog at home.

What is the Best Food for my Dog?

I see so many owners asking this very question on blogs and forums. I scoured the Internet to find some answers. But before you read my findings below let me tell you about my Lhasa Apso “Lucky” and his eating habits.

I have been the proud “dad” of “Lucky” for so long, over 17 years now. When he arrived by accident he was only 18 months old. Not knowing his dietary history, the first few days with us I gave him the same food as we were eating. Once he had decided to stay with us, I placed him on a dry food meal that you can purchase in the pet store.

His food bowl has been left out all these years, so he can eat when he likes, (Lhasa Apso’s are fussy eaters) Now in his old age, having lost most of his teeth, we also give him some senior wet food, this helps as he cannot chew hard dry food very well.

To read more on this subject, I invite you to click on THIS LINK. The post is titled “What is the best food for my Lhasa Apso” I do hope the contents help you decide which is the best food for your dog.


Are Small Dogs Good with Children?

The old saying, “a dog is a man’s best friend” is very true. They are loyal, never answer back, are always there to greet you when you get home, the list is endless. But are small dogs good with children?

In my particular case, I will say yes they are,Lucky” has always enjoyed playing with my two children. He became the best friend of my daughter Chloé. The antics they got up to together are so special to us all.

Do bear in mind it is very important to never leave a child alone with your dog no matter how much you trust them. We see only too many accidents where a family pet snaps sometimes. They cant say stop if they are being hurt by ruff play, they say NO by biting. The full story of Lucky and Chloé can be found on THIS LINK


Can I Take My Dog on a Winter Vacation?

When I talk about winter vacations, snow, ice, and skiing always come to mind. The post below covers these colder vacations. We go to the French Alpes almost every year and take “Lucky” with us. Over the years he has become familiar and enjoys his time in the snow.

One or two things you may or maybe not aware of are outlined in the post. Our pets are part of the family and deserve to come on vacation, read the post on the LINK HERE and prepare for your vacation together.

Why Does my Dog Bark so Much?

When your dog barks they are trying to tell you something. They may want your attention, could be warning you of an intruder, it could be a signal to leave them alone. For whatever reason we need to learn what our dogs barking means to us.

Lucky will bark every time our gate bell rings to let us know someone is at the gates, if we are not in the house he will find us in the grounds and bark until we go and check it out. The post I have compiled concerning this will assist you in understanding why they bark so much and why. If your dog barks a lot I invite you to read THIS POST

How do I Care for my Dog When it becomes Old?

Lucky is now over 17 years and showing his age. His cataracts have made him blind, he is totally deaf and most of his teeth have fallen. Well, you might say he is a wreck, but far from it, his general health is fine and he hardly ever needs to visit the veterinarian apart from his annual jabs.

As your dog reaches the senior years in life things to look out for are detailed in THIS POST. Prepare for your dog’s later years by reading the post which is there to assist.

I have to carry Lucky a lot now as he finds it difficult to walk long distances. I found this UNDERBELLY SUPPORT and thought it would be a good investment to ease his problem. Why not take a look at it yourself and decide if your aging dog needs help.

Is my Dog Overweight?

We all make New Year promises and one of the most popular is to lose weight, I too am guilty. What about your dog? is she or he overweight? How do you know if they are overweight or not?

There are certain signs that will alert you to a dog that is becoming overweight. Excess pounds your dog has to carry is very detrimental to their health and well being. Arm yourself with the contents from THIS POST so you can take action before it becomes too late.

Are There Remedies for Travel Sickness?

Travel sickness with children or even adults can be a problem that we can deal with as humans can talk to us and tell us their feelings.  small dogs may or may not enjoy riding in the car, lucky first was motion sickness and although not physically vomiting he was not his normal self not want to drink or eat during the voyage.  but as time went by himself overcame his travel sickness in those early days we did resort to giving him a small motion sickness tablet to help on the long journey patience and short trips the motion sickness disappeared.  when I get the car keys he is the first in the car just loving every minute. to learn more about how you can treat travel sickness with your Las Apso or small dog then I suggest that you read the full story ON THIS POST

Will my Dog be Sad when I Leave it Alone?

Have you ever been left alone?  How did you handle the situation?  When we leave our pet dogs alone for any length of time we may often think to ourselves “what they thinking”?  This question I was asking drove me to research on the internet, to try and find some positive answers and actions that we could take. Helping to eliminate any suffering your pet might endure.  answers I spent many hours researching and the advice detailed can be found on the RELEVANT POST HERE

What is the Best Way to Transport my Dog on a Voyage?

Preparing for our summer vacation is exciting,  sometimes we forget the security for our pets on the voyage. There are many accessories on the market which help the transportation of our pets.  ranging from simple body harness, car crates and car beds, plane travel cages. to help you in your choice I suggest you browse THIS POST

What are the Pros and Cons of a small breed?

I remember well when I was deciding to choose a pet dog. My choice was for a German Shepherd. A big manly dog, this was to be drastically changed when Lucky my Lhasa Apso who was abandoned found his way into the grounds where I live. In the post on

Those pros and cons are outlined on this small breed of dog the Lhasa Apso for you, find that specific post HERE

What is best a Male or Female?

Here is the 20 million-dollar question, what is the best dog? is it a male dog or a female dog. We all have our own ideas. Personally I think a female is more loyal than the male. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right. To help you make your choice for a new puppy I created a post, where it’s possible to read up on this million-dollar question. Please, go take a look on this page to find some help

Is my dog Hyperallergic?

If anyone in your family suffers from allergic problems then it’s reassuring to know that the Lhasa is a non-shedding dog. This is detailed in the post below to help you understand the difference between shedding and non-shedding dogs. Why some people suffer in the presence of some dogs and not others. If you are unsure about hyperallergic dogs you can find the answers on THIS LINK

What are the health problems of small dogs? Part1 and Part2

Some small dogs including the Lhasa Apso can suffer from many health problems, this is a long post so I have broken into Part 1 and Part 2 the two links you can find here

Part 1 

Part 2 

Do small dogs have a bad temperament?

Dogs are the same when it comes to their temperament and character as us. We, humans, have mood swings ranging from happy to downright miserable, and dogs are no exception. In this post called, Lhasa Apso temperament,  I outline the better qualities and characters in this particular small dog breed.

How Should I Groom my Small Dog?

Grooming your small dog is very important, not only for their looks, as you groom you can check if there are any skin injuries, any ticks or fleas. It is also a moment when you and your dog are in physical contact together which they adore. 

20 tips on how to groom a small dog can be found on this grooming post 

What are the Signs of Old Age?

As we age we can see definite signs occurring, whether it be our mind or physical. Knowing these signs will be helpful to assist you when caring for your older dog.  After doing lots of research I have compiled a post about old age signs in dogs, you can check that post about old age symptoms here to assist you.

Is it Possible to Breed my Dog?

A question you may ask. Can I breed my dog? There are reasons for and against breeding your pet dog. I covered the subject in great detail in a specific post on my Lhasa if you are in doubt and want to find the answer to this question then I invite you to go and read what I have shared on the post. Here is the link about Breeding your Dog.

Should I Vaccinate my Small Dog?

Our little furry friends do enjoy playing in gardens and dirty areas, running the risk of picking up bacteria, ticks and fleas, amongst other problems. Some small dogs do have a bad habit of eating other dogs excrement. I have caught my own Lhasa Apso doing this. To find out the pros and cons of vaccinations follow this link Why You Should Vaccinate your small dog.
Vaccination Time

How can I Treat Against Ticks and Fleas?

I live in the south of France and the problem with ticks and fleas starts in the springtime. If you live in a country where ticks and fleas are a problem then you must take appropriate action. Diseases that ticks can pass onto your dog can be life-threatening.  I suggest you read all about this subject on the following Ticks and Fleas post.

How can I handle my Dog’s death?

Lucky, my Lhasa Apso is approaching 18 years old, the day is soon coming when he will pass over the Rainbow Bridge. I have been preparing myself for this event, I have shared my thoughts on preparing before their death, please read this if your dog is getting old. There are tips and advice that will help you. Here is the Link to That Post.

Which Question To ask Before I Adopt a Dog?

After spending time on reflection you have decided to adopt a small dog. Before doing so there will be many questions to ask yourself before choosing a shelter to adopt from.  these questions are answered in the following post that I would strongly recommend reading before you adopt your new family member. Take a look at the Questions and Answers right here. 

Has my Dog got a Cherry Eye?

One of the many problems a small dog has is called cherry eye. Do you want to find out if your dog has a cherry eye? the symptoms, the problems that are caused by the cherry eye. You do, well all is revealed about this problem here, Cherry Eye 

Will my Puppy Destroy my Home?

After the joys of choosing your puppy from a litter, becomes the ordeal of trying to save your home from destruction. There are many ways to train your puppy not to destroy everything they see in those few early months. My latest post is How to Puppy Proof Your Home, with lots of tips and advice do go along and read the post, you can have some peace of mind applying these techniques.

I am the owner of a small breed dog, a Lhasa Apso, my dog is male and is named Lucky, we have been together for almost 18 years. Over the years I have learned so much about his character. The moments where he has made me almost cry with laughter, the moments when he has made me cross with his behavior. Now as he is nearing the end of his life, I feel so sad for him, being deaf, hardly any teeth, and blind he sleeps nearly all the time. I have created my website I am the owner of a small breed dog, a Lhasa Apso, my dog is male and is named Lucky, we have been together for almost 18 years. Over the years I have learned so much about his character. The moments where he has made me almost cry with laughter, the moments when he has made me cross with his behavior. Now as he is nearing the end of his life, I feel so sad for him, being deaf, hardly any teeth, and blind he sleeps nearly all the time. I have created my website To share my experience with you. Please enjoy your time sifting through the many posts