Fashion Accessories for Lhasas, get the latest trends

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When it comes to fashion accessories for your Lhasa you might think this is a new tendency. Actually, it cannot be further from the truth, in ancient Egyptian times dogs was decorated in various manners. 

A nobleman called, Maiharpiri, from ancient Egypt was buried in his tomb with his dog. Archaeologists, when they opened the tomb found a dog collar. This dog collar made from leather was embossed with scenes of hunting.

An image of his dog, Tantanouit, was also embossed into the leather. Being the noble man’s favorite dog they were buried together. He thought the dog would be reincarnated with him in a new life.

The English King, Henry VIII also had dogs and these had collars made from gold, silver, velvet, and silk in various decorative forms. These collars were put on his dogs that had survived in his various battles.

The Renaissance period saw dog collars with a locking system, these were placed on dogs of the nobility. Dogs in those days were classed as an object of possession and only the owner had the key to the lock.

From as early as 1900 dog owners were dressing their dogs in human clothing,  it must have been a funny sight. We can conclude then that fashion accessories for dogs is nothing new.  Today with the arrival of the internet this fashion market has now exploded.

As you read this post I hope that some of the links I place here for you to look at will give you smile, they did me, they may even convince you to purchase a fashion accessory for your Lhasa.

In Bryant Park in New York a dog fashion show was held in 2011, this fashion show was called Last Bark.

Next time you take your Lhasa down to your local park for a walk, make people’s heads turn with some beautiful fashion accessories on your Lhasa. Don’t worry you’re not the first to dress up your dog, nor will you be the last.

What is Dog Fashion?

Dog fashion is the way we dress our dogs, refined ultrachic dog fashion is very diverse, ranging from clothing, scarves, boots, jewelry, and much much more. There is no stopping us in what we would like our pets to wear, then to show them off. Having the best dressed Lhasa in town is the fashion dog owner’s ultimate goal.

It might be just a simple pair of boots, like these from Amazon that Lucky wears in the winter when we go off skiing. Read all about taking your dog on winter holidays in one of my other posts here.  Going on to special items like collars, ties, dinner jackets, dresses, hair bands, the list just goes on and on.

Is it Bad to Put Clothes on Dogs?

Why not dress up your Lhasa Apso in some special fashionable clothing, give your dog that special treatment. Now some people frown upon dressing up animals thinking this is ridiculous, but you and I know differently.

So do certain fashion designers that are now creating clothing for canine friends. Every year the world-known shopping center Harrods of London holds a fashion show, Pet a Porter, a huge success for our canine friends.

Back to the question, is it bad to put clothes on dogs? It could be bad if the clothing is tight, which could restrict blood circulation, also may restrict their movements.  Clothing could also continuously rub on their body causing irritation if too loose. These are areas that you need to control regularly so your pet does not suffer.

Another point to look out for during hot weather, when putting a fashion coat on your pet it may cause them to suffer from overheating and dehydration, do be very aware of this problem if you live in hot climates.

There are articles of clothing, (not part of the fashion wardrobe)  which help pets that are anxious, it helps them to calm them down when they are stressed. This piece of clothing which is fabricated in the USA is called a Thunder Shirt and will definitely help your dog if they are stressed.

The vest wraps around your pet, nice and snugly, the feeling it creates reassures them, it’s similar to them being cuddled in your arms. When I take Lucky down to the veterinarian his Sixth Sense kicks in, he knows where we are heading, he gets very stressful on the drive there,

I think one of these jackets would be ideal for him, it should calm him down on the journey.  I have checked out Amazon and I found this particular model which should be ideal for Lucky.

Harnesses Collars and Leashes

Let’s take a look at these accessories that are also security items. Harnesses are my preferred system when taking Lucky out for a walk. They provide excellent restraining capabilities if your dog decides to run after a cat or dog the harness restrains the dog without hurting their neck.

This particular model made me smile, not for Lucky because he is male! But on your little princess, it would look so cute. Lucky has a tough guy military-style model 🙂
                      Luckys Harness


Collars are available in all types of fabrics and colors, varying in their prices,  the sky is the limit, if you decide to have your dog’s collar studded with diamonds then you better have a friendly bank manager.

Celebrities and pet influencers place photos of their pets dressed in fashionable harnesses, collars and leashes on all the social media platforms. Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Connolly, Brunello Cucinelli, and Bottega Veneta are all producing fashionable harnesses, collars, and leashes for the pets market.


If you are interested in fashion accessories for your pet, (of course you are, you are reading this post)  then you might like to purchase beforehand a little wardrobe to hang up all the outfits you will be purchasing.

These small wardrobes are ideal for organizing your pet’s accessories, harnesses, collars, leashes, booties and many other items that your Lhasa Apso is going to need.

Check out here, our recommended products page, to see a large range of accessories. Alternatively, after reading this post you can access the recommended products page from the main menu, to see the latest prices.


As time goes by you are going to amass a lot of articles and accessories for your Lhasa Apso.  Trying to keep all this at hand and in an orderly area can be made easier by having a pet wardrobe. One that has one or two drawers as well to stock all your brushes and combs, collars and leashes. above the drawers, there will be a rail to hang your dog’s jackets, dresses, tutus, or whatever.

Looking around on the internet I have come across a few models, Lhasa Apso is a small dog then you might even think of buying a doll’s wardrobe,  pink ones of course for a girly Lhasa’s and I’m sure somewhere you’ll find blue ones for our macho Lhasa’s.

Here is a nice pink doll’s house that may well be acceptable for your female Lhasa,  checkout and latest prices on Amazon here.

Alternatively, if you are a handy person or do-it-yourself type of person you will find on the Internet plans and drawings that will help you build your own pet’s wardrobe. This is not only cost-effective but will give you enormous satisfaction when you see your personalized pet’s wardrobe made by yourself.


The Reason Why we Dress up our Dogs

We as Lhasa owners love our dogs so much. They are part of our lives, part of our family. We take them out everywhere with us, (thankfully they are small) downtown shopping, restaurants, holidays and don’t we just love to show them off.

Our Lhasa Apsos are a reflection of ourselves when we dress in fashionable clothes we enjoy the looks from passers-by. In the same way when we dress our dogs in fashionable clothes we are becoming one with our pet, enjoying the looks people are giving to us both.

The clothes that we dress our Lhasa Apso’s in, is a mirror of our status. The better dressed we are, will lead us to be dressing our Lhasa likewise, they will also be wearing some top name wear. In doing so we are creating an even stronger bond together.

Could you imagine if we wear the same colors, clothing, as our pets, by the same top name clothes designers? Crazy eh!

As our Lhasa Apso’s brings so much joy and happiness to us it’s only natural that we would like to return the pleasure they have given us. We can do this by dressing them up in some fashion clothing.


Now is the time to get into the pet fashion. There have never been so many fashion accessories on the market. Dress up your Lhasa in some quality top name clothing, get them a smart-looking collar, some little boots when it gets icy, maybe a raincoat to keep that long furry coat dry in the wetter climates, a scarf, headbands, ribbons, I think that anything you could imagine for you Lhasa, someone, somewhere is making it!


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