Are Lhasa Apso’s good with children?

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My Lhasa Apso is good with all children, he has never bitten a child or adult for that matter. If introduced to children at an early age there is nothing to be afraid of, they make the perfect company for children.

My Lhasa Apso Lucky is so Good with Children

Lucky my Lhasa Apso has been in our family for seventeen years now and never once have I had to be concerned with his behavior when children are in his vicinity. In fact, he loves playing with children if they have the same energy as him. Chasing a tennis ball when the children use to play tennis was his favorite game, getting the ball and running away with it to the displeasure of the kids, most dogs bring the ball back, but this was Luckys fun time. He knew what he was doing and loved teasing the kids! My daughter Chloé would often put Lucky into her baby dolls pushchair and promenade him around the garden, wrapped up in blankets, he would just lay there and enjoy the ride, in no way were there any signs of aggressivity towards her.
Chasing the tennis balls

On other occasions, he has even tried his paws at skateboarding, yes he let my daughter put him onto a skateboard!!  she would place Lucky on the board and just push him and he took it all in his four-legged stride, you could see he was really enjoying every minute of it.  That is another positive answer to the question you are asking, Are Lhasa Apso’s good with children? yes they are, but only if they are treated kindly, this is where your child’s teaching comes in, if you want to have a Lhasa Apso for a pet then you must instruct your children to be kind and gentle with their new furry friend.
Cool Lucky Skateboarding

Lucky even goes under the careful hands of Chloé when she decides to play hairdressers, I don’t have much hair left!  Yep, you guessed it, Lucky was her client for an afternoon in her outdoor salon, where she brushed him and placed ribbons all over him, these dogs do really enjoy human company especially children.
Time to visit the hairdresser!!

Lhasa Apso’s are like elephants, for sure they are not huge, and they are not big clumsy animals, but they do have a remarkable memory just like an elephant, so just as an elephant never forgets, neither does a Lhasa Apso forget, if somewhere along their life they have been hurt or mistreated they will remember, so the moral is, if you are nice and kind to them they will remember and in return will be nice to you. If you are considering purchasing a Lhasa Apso from a reputable dealer I strongly recommend you take your children along to meet the new acquisition to your family beforehand so they can spend time together whereby you can see if they are compatible together or not.


What is the Temperament of a Lhasa Apso with children?

The Lhasa Apso was bred in Tibet by Tibetan monks who would use them as guard dogs for their temples and monasteries,  they are very alert dogs and are always on the listen to hear if anything abnormal is taking place on their territory, they have very acute hearing qualities and will bark at almost anything that moves, therefore making them an early warning system for your property. Although small in stature they are huge in courage and will attack anything that should not be there, on many occasion my Lucky would chase 100kg wild boars that had mistakenly entered our gardens, he has no idea he is just a little 12kg Lhasa Apso, in his mind, he is a ferocious lion. In this same way, he will protect you and your children by alerting you of any unwelcome intruders, after that you get out the German Shepherd or Rottweiler to do the rest of the job!! hopefully, there are not too many wild boars where you live! Other signs of the Lhasa Apso’s are that they are very loyal and affectionate and love to kiss you on the face, do be aware of this as with all animals their mouths are full of bacteria that can be harmful to adults and especially children.
A 100kg wild boar for Lucky to chase

The Lifespan of a Lhasa Apso


Well if you check out the internet you will find answers ranging from twelve to fourteen years, but this can vary greatly, the proof is that my Lhasa Apso is almost seventeen years old!  Of course, a large amount depends on their environment and their diet, this was covered in one of my earlier posts.  On the medical side, you should follow the advice of your vet who is there to help your Lhasa Apso to live a long healthy life. This said you should always be regular with any vaccinations that are necessary in your country, for example here in Europe our dogs must be inoculated against rabies, which is becoming rampant again here as I write.

Now that my Lucky is seventeen years old he is much slower in his displacements and when I lift him I can hear him moan and groan as his poor little body has now become old and fragile,  like me he is probably suffering from joint pains, help is available in capsule forms, I personally take Turmeric with extremely good results, your Lhasa that is suffering can get relief from Turmeric capsules like these that you can purchase from Amazon. Somedays he is just like he was when he was young and will charge around in the garden, not for so long of course but it makes me laugh as I know he will sleep well for the rest of the day. Don’t forget that those big eyes, if you succumb to them they are deadly for your Lhasa Apso, you end up giving your pet tit-bits and they will become overweight and have a shorter lifespan, twelve to fifteen years is a long time for your child to have a relationship with another living being, so give your Lhasa Apso that chance to live a long life and be careful what you feed them.
Lucky around ten years old 

Is it easy to train a Lhasa Apso?

Well, the answer to this question is entirely down to you, do you have the patience to go over and over the same orders day after day? you do, well then that’s cool because all dogs love to learn and please you, but how do they know if they have pleased you? It’s obvious because you will change the tone of your voice, a soft pleasing tone they will recognize that they have done something good, or you might even give them a little reward for executing the demand you have asked from them. Now I strongly believe that if your children start training with your Lhasa Apso as a puppy they will reap more pleasure than us older adults, because for a child it is so rewarding for them to show your friends and visitors how well their pet preforms at their command, I know Chloé was always showing off Lucky to our friends with all the tricks she had taught him, so be sure your children are included at the beginning of this training because it helps build that strong bond between them that will last for years to come. As your children grow they eventually leave home, like our Chloé, but when she returns to visit, Lucky is over the moon to be next to her, sleep again with her, smell her,  there is a bond that time cannot erase.
The bond that time cannot erase

What exercise do Lhasa Apso’s need?

Lhasa Apso’s are very energetic so they will need to be able to burn off that energy in the food you have fed them, take them on long walks in the park, using a good quality harness for their protection in case a nasty dog comes alone off its leash. If they are not burning off that surplus energy,  you will need to find somewhere where they are free to just go run till there little hearts are bursting, of course you must know your dog and for sure that he will come back if you call, that is covered above, its down to your training at the start, anyway let them run riot until they come back and say enough is enough boss!!  A good item I have, so I don’t get too tired is a long hooped plastic type of hockey stick that has an opening in the center where you can place a tennis ball, when you throw the ball with this thing, here is the model I found on Amazon it multiplies your effort by up to five and the ball goes so far you are cool for two minutes, the time it takes for your Lhasa Apso to find the ball and bring it back, well if yours is like Lucky he will never bring it back!!
Hey where is the ball Lucky? 

My conclusion if a Lhasa Apso is good with children


After owning Lucky for seventeen years I think that a Lhasa Apso will make an ideal companion for your child under certain rules. These are my guidelines that I stick too, and of course, you can add or subtract from these with your own rules to meet your expectations.
Your child must respect and love their pet and treat them accordingly.

Never ever, leave a very young child unattended with any dog, it’s asking for trouble.
Allow your child and pet to become personal friends, the pet will become a Pandora’s box where your child can talk to their pet and leave all their secrets, problems, etc. Their pet, of course, will never ever tell you!!

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