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When I was choosing the right accessories for my Lhasa Apso I became confused with the myriad of accessories to choose from, so many on the market. After much researching and deliberating I will share my findings. I feel these would be excellent accessories for my Lhasa Apso.

When I wanted to choose the best accessories for my Lhasa Apso I was bewildered with the amount available. Here, my chosen articles are to help assist you in your choice, with some of the best items on the market today, my Lhasa Apso’s accessory box is complete.

Now you have your puppy Lhasa Apso you need to purchase the best accessories out there for him/her. I have selected just a few items that will be an excellent choice for your new pet. From keeping them in a beautiful condition to a happy and pampered Lhasa Apso.

Accessories for their beauty

Combs and brushes

What is the most important accessory for the beauty of your Lhasa Apso? Personally, I would suggest a quality brush and comb set. There is nothing more disgraceful than a dog that is unkempt, with a tangled coat and unbrushed hair! You and I do not step outside without spending time brushing and combing our hair. To make ourselves presentable. So why not give your pet that same treatment!!

The first brush that I use on Lucky my Lhasa Apso is this detangling comb for his coat, the special form of the blades cut through the hair that may have become a little tangled since the last time you brushed your Lhasa Apso. These brushes are made with a series of blades in a waveform, mine has nine, that gently separate and cut the tangles as you pull through the coat. Of course, perform this action gently because if the coat is heavily tangled it may cause some pain as you pull through.
Detangling brush

Next accessory I suggest is a comb, one for removing the winter down that accumulates close to the body/skin of your dog. I chose Lucky one which has a double set of straight combs, similar to this one here on Amazon One side being closer together. Starting with the larger side to remove the most of the down I would repass a second time with the opposing side of the comb, you will be amazed at the extra down that these combs can remove. A worthwhile accessory for your toolbox.
Straight tooth comb

Also in my toolbox is yet another comb, one exactly like mine can be purchased on Amazon here. This one is great once your pet is clean to use daily. Its form is different again from the precedent two and works wonders if your Lhasa Apso has a long coat. Made with around twenty small soft-tipped pins that do not hurt your pet. Use this brush daily to stop the coat from becoming tangled, thereby reducing the use of the untangling brush.
Daily combing comb

Digging deeper inside my toolbox I find this trimming comb which I do not use that often but is good to have on hand. This little comb actually cuts the coat in small amounts at a time. You can use this by their tail to remove excess hair around their bottoms for hygienic reasons. Also, it could be used to trim a little off the coat if it is too long in places.
Soft trimming comb

The last brush that I have is the soft bristle brush that can be used daily to complement the daily combing comb. I use the fine wire side carefully as now Lucky is seventeen years old his skin is tender and I personally do not like to brush too close to his skin that might cause small scratches that we can not see. On the other hand, the soft bristles are great for doing their head, ears and around their eyes, with no risk of hurting them.
Soft bristle brush

Claw cutters

This is a job I was always a little scared of doing to Lucky, the fear of cutting his claws too close to the quick. Now that my vet has told me the correct procedure to do this, I now have a pair of claw cutters in the toolbox and it is now a part of my pet’s beauty treatment I can do myself with these claw cutters. There are some good ones on Amazon here. I like them because they have the safety guard so as not to cut too short. If you hesitate in doing this job then I would strongly advise you to talk to your vet and watch the many videos on the internet, you will become more at ease, it really is nothing to be afraid of doing.

In this video, I show how to clip or trim the claws on my Lhasa Apso
Claw cutters


Of course, nothing much to say here but a good sharp pair of scissors is an item you should have in your toolbox, to keep your Lhasa in pristine condition. I found this kit which contains scissors, combs and an electric trimmer here on Amazon.  Very important that they are sharp, so with one snip they cut and you do not end up pulling the coat as a blunt pair would cause. There are scissors that have rounded ends just like baby nail scissors that are ideal when you are cutting around their eyes for safety.
Sharp scissors

Tick control items

Every year those terrible little beasts of ticks can get into the coats of our dogs, they are found in long grass areas and can cause many health problems if we do not detect them soon enough. Learn more about Ticks and Fleas one of my other posts here. The best way to find those little critters is to caress your pet by hand regularly. By doing this and passing your hands through their coat you will feel a little lump on their skin that was not there the day before! On deeper investigation into and under their coat in the area where you found the new lump, look for that little black body, the tick, at first they are very tiny but can grow to large sizes if unnoticed soon enough. Hopefully, if you have found one it is not too large at this moment. If you find a big body say a quarter to half an inch in size then you have neglected your dog for a while because that is a biggy tick who has been sucking the blood from your Lhasa for a week or two.

Once you have found it you must take immediate action to remove the tick, but whoa! slow down, there are ways to do this correctly, if not you will leave the head of the tick behind and that head will continue to bury itself under the skin of your pet and can cause terrible health problems soon. The best tool I have in my tool kit is these items that are available on Amazon here. There are preventative actions that include putting on an extra tick and flea collar which is specially impregnated with an insecticide against ticks, there are sprays available as well, but what if your dog already has ticks? The solutions are numerous.

I have read that using a cigarette butt that is still burning will do the trick in removing a tick !! but hell that is so hot on my Lhasa Apso’s body, I do not do that. Then the advice that says use pliers to pull the tick out!! no way, when you pull on the body the head breaks off and it then digs deeper under the skin. So what is my solution when I have found ticks on my Lhasa Apso? I always use a tick puller. A small plastic item that you slide under the head of the tick, then you twist it twice and pull it outwards and the head comes away with the body. No tick left to dig deep, no health problems. Job over. This is a must in every toolbox
Tick pulling tools


All dogs like to smell their own bedding and Lucky is no exception here. You have a choice on Amazon for bedding and one I like is this one. We recently brought a new bed for him, but he would not sleep in it!! After watching him a couple of nights I put into the new bed basket one of his old blankets. He was in there light a shot. The reason was the new bed smelt too new and he was unhappy, once he could smell his odor on the old blanket again he sleeps there no problem, so do look out for this behavior if you change your pet’s bed. I recommend that you have a bed that is not too large, dogs do like to feel secure and like that feeling of their bed circling them


Always use quality shampoos for you Lhasa, this is important with that long flowing coat they have. I use one that is specific for the brown/fawn colour of Lucky’s coat. Once he has taken two washes and rinses I will then use a quality conditioner to make that coat super silky and smooth. Now he is nice and clean its time to dry and brush him.
Nice and clean


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