10 Fun Toys Your Lhasa Will Love to Have


Your Lhasa Apso from their puppy years needs toys to stimulate their mind, reactions and to help them learn to obey your commands when you are playing together.

You can remember when you enjoyed playing with your favorite toys, being creative, and learning at the same time. As a Lhasa parent, it will be your duty to care for them. One aspect of that care is to stimulate them and this can be achieved with toys.

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Why are Toys Important?

Your dog will need to be stimulated mentally and toys are ideal. Mental stimulation will also balance your dog’s emotions. Chasing balls and other objects will keep them in form physically.

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, if your dog is happy, this will make you happy. Keeping your pet Lhasa stimulated physically and mentally with their toys on a daily basis will consolidate this friendship.

Lhasa Apsos are bred to be internal guard/companion dogs and do not get the physical exercise that other breeds of dogs do. 

When your Lhasa is a puppy it is very important they have some toys to chew on. They are mischievous little dogs and will, as all puppies do, chew your furniture, the carpet or whatever they want to test their teeth on, sometimes even you.

Toys That Help Your Dog Relax

A restless dog could make you a nervous owner. Toys that help your pet to relax are numerous;

One particular toy which I suggest and is highly spoken of is a Kong.

What is a Kong you ask? It’s rubber, pear-shaped, and you fill it with their favorite treats or food. Your Lhasa Apso has his favorite treats right under his nose, but they have to use their intelligence to figure out how to get the treats out.

You should have one of these Kong calmers in your pet’s toy box. They are mentally stimulating toys, made from a natural rubber compound. Kong is the gold standard of dog toys for over thirty years. It helps them relax and is a toy that makes your pet use their brain. Take a look here at Kong toys.

Another toy on the same mental stimulation level is Bob A Lot. Starmark is the manufacturer of this cute little treat dispenser that is going to test your puppy out. Having a weighted bottom the toy rolls around as your Lhasa is trying to get his treats.

These toys help alleviate anxiety and boredom behaviors and provide hours of mental stimulation. It will keep your pet happy in your home by improving relationships with you.

Why not compare this Bob a Lot on Amazon to see if it suits your Lhasa.

The next toy is made from a non-toxic rubber. Strong enough for your Lhasa, easily washable and hygienic.  With its jaws design, you can hide kibble treats or small pieces of cheese to keep your pet occupied. Keeping them busy as they learn to retrieve their little treats out from the toy’s jaws. It also doubles up as an aid in keeping their teeth and gums healthy. It can also be used as an ordinary ball to play together.

Toys for Exercising

One of Amazon’s choice toys for your pet is a ball called Chuckit. As the name suggests you chuck it, and your dog will chase it, the difference with the Chuckit ball is it’s an ultra bouncy ball. Fabricated in a tough and durable rubber it has an outside texture that’s gentle on your dog’s mouth. The rubber compound inside is much stiffer making this toy ideal if your Lhasa Apso so is a hard chewer

The Chuckit ball is lightweight and buoyant so if your Lhasa enjoys swimming the Chuckit ball would be the perfect toy. To assist you in throwing the ball further there is a Chuckit ball launcher available from the same manufacturers. 

Lucky Chasing the tennis balls

Now this toy, the Dog Frisbee, will keep your Lhasa jumping and running which will strengthen their muscles and their bone structure. At the same time, eye body coordination is increased as they run, jump, and catch the frisbee in the air. A cool thing with this frisbee, you can use it as a food or water bowl whilst you’re out playing together.

Made by West Pool in the USA this frisbee actually glows in the dark so your playtime together can continue as night falls. Made from a soft pliable material that is a latex-free it is non-toxic and complies with the FDA regulations.  It will be gentle on your dog’s mouth with the curved edges. You can keep this clean and hygienic by placing it in the dishwasher after each session.

The Nerf Ball Blaster gun launches tennis balls for your dog to run and chase. They are really handy if you suffer from osteoarthritis, as I do, and find it difficult to throw the ball, then the Nerf ball blaster for your dog is also the best option for you.

They are easy to use, just pull back on the handle, load the ball and then shoot, tennis balls can go as far as 50 feet away, you can adjust the power to change the distance the tennis ball flies. Perfect if you are in a small yard or out in a big park. After buying a Nerf Ball Blaster you’re gonna have hours of fun with your pet, at the same time keeping them fit and active, without you becoming tired, guaranteeing your dog will sleep well at night.

This Fitness Robot will keep your pet amused and fit. The robot interacts and plays with your dog as it zooms around the home. When your dog interacts, the robot will automatically reward them with one of their treats. It has 16 variation modes that will keep your dog occupied, helping to deal with separation anxiety, the stress of being alone, and will reduce furniture chewing created through boredom.

Made from polycarbonate materials the robot is easy to keep clean and is water-resistant. If you are worried about your dog getting any electrical discharge you can be assured they are safe. The robot is robust and can resist the chewing from your dog, at the same time staying waterproof. 

This high tech toy has applications for Apple and Android devices. It is built with the latest artificial intelligence which helps the robot to navigate around different rooms, keeping your pet amused. Having the latest technology makes it even possible that the machine can determine the strength of your pet. As your Lhasa plays with the robot your dog’s interactions will be rewarded by the robot. A really good intelligent toy to have in your house.

The next toy, ZippyPaws, I have chosen simply because they look so comical, these three fluffy forest animals have no stuffing, which could get ingested by your dog. The three animals that come in this package are a fox, squirrel, and a raccoon. These are adorable little toys, each has three round squeakers built inside that will keep your pet happy and entertained. Having no stuffing these toys will last longer, with no pieces of stuffing all over the house, you will be glad of your purchase.

The Jump N Jack from Kong is specifically designed to help clean your dog’s teeth. As they play and chew on the Jump N Jack toy their teeth are cleaned by the special design features. I could never clean Luckys teeth as he would not allow me to touch his mouth with any form of brush, this would have been a very worthwhile investment. Made in the USA by Kong you can be assured this toy is of a high-quality fabrication and is durable.

The toy will satisfy the natural chewing instincts of your dog. If you insert some treats this will increase the time your dog will play. With its specially designed form, it will bounce in all directions keeping your pet amused.

To help if you’re undecided about which of the toys to buy for your pet, I have chosen this set with three different toys. Made by Nerf, the 3 toy set includes a 30 inch long tough tug squeaking football, a crunch and squeak 6-inch football, and the four-inch crunch and squeak ball. This toy set will give hours of fun for you and your dog.

Time spent playing with your Lhasa is beneficial for you both. Because of their special character your dog is going to amuse you when playing together. I remember playing with Lucky on many occasions, I would be laughing so much watching his antics. Whenever we played ball together he would run and pick up the ball but never bring it back. That was his way of playing with me. When my son and I played tennis, Lucky would be there picking up the balls and putting them all in the same corner never bringing them back to us. It was so funny.

Lucky the play full skate boarder

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